ezTalks Webinar Service Keeps Updating to Optimize User Experience and Enhance Productivity

HONG KONG, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the leading video conferencing & business collaboration provider, has released a new version of its webinar service- ezTalks Webinar 1.5, with updated features to improve the user experience and productivity such as Chat Options, Reminder Emails, Custom Thank-you Page, etc. Since ezTalks Webinar was launched in 2018, it has become a popular and powerful tool for digital marketing, online training or e-learning, etc. Business organization and individuals choose to use it to generate leads, promote product or services, develop potential customers, spread valuable courses, and cultivate skills and so on.

Though webinar is not a new word in the market, its popularity is still on the rise. Where there is a need, there will "always" be a supply. Consequently, more and more webinar platforms see its promising market prospect and then have emerged to meet the needs of different users, no except ezTalks Webinar. But what makes ezTalks Webinar stand out from the competitors in such fierce competition? It keeps updating to optimize user experience and enhance productivity from the following aspects:

All-in-One Webinar Solutions. ezTalks Webinar enables users to create any type of webinar that users need: Live Webinar, Automated Webinar, On-demand Webinar, Paid Webinar or even Webinar Series. Users can also stream the webinars via Facebook Live & YouTube Live integration to reach more audience. There are many ways that users can format the webinar. One webinar platform for all application scenarios!

Rich Interactive Function and Large Scalability. ezTalks Webinar allows 100 interactive video participants and up to 10,000 attendees from any corner of the world in per webinar session so that the scalability will be no longer an issue. The interactive video participant, called "panelist" can fully engage with the audience via HD video/audio, screen sharing, whiteboard, polls & survey, and instant messaging. Captivating the audience becomes much easier than ever with these interactive features.

Flexible Compatibility. ezTalks Webinar empowers users to run the webinars anywhere, anytime on any device including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The host can schedule and manage the webinars efficiently via the web browser. While the participants can also join the webinar room and have text chat directly via the web browser with no need to download any software.

Easy to Schedule and Invite. ezTalks Webinar is very easy to use without any complicated step even when users schedule the webinar and invite others. Plenty of time zones are available for users' choice. All users need to do is type the webinar topic and select the time to host a webinar. After scheduling the webinar, users can continue to send the customizable invitation to remind or attract others in multiple ways including links, emails and ezTalks Contacts effortlessly.

Customize the Webinar. ezTalks Webinar platform can be customized to the ideal style as users want if necessary. It is possible to add the brand logo as well as background picture to the platform for better audience impact and brand consistency. It is also feasible to decorate the waiting room with specific designed image, company logo and agenda for better understanding of this virtual event. The registration form and thank-you page can also be designed according to users' needs to boost the conversion rate.

Webinar Recording & Replay. ezTalks Webinar offers both local recording and cloud recording. The webinar can be recorded and stored for review if necessary. Each new registered user will automatically get 1GB of free cloud storage for saving cloud recording. It supports both recording online replay and download for convenient reference or sharing.

Analyze & Share. Users can gain insight into the events with robust analytics and campaign reporting about the registers, participants and webinar. It helps users to get the most from the webinars by analyzing the statistics and reports to track the trends and attitudes, further to know better about the audience, discover the qualified leads and improve the upcoming webinar performance.

Free Trial with Total 100 Minutes. Every registered user can have a free trial of ezTalks Webinar service with 100-minute duration. This plan is quite attractive since users can hold video webinars with up to 25 participants without any cost. It also allows to set 1 presenter who can do webinar presentations and interact with others via video, audio, screen sharing, whiteboard, and etc.

Affordable Price. The price is as low as $19 per month for 25 participants, which is so affordable that no matter the start-ups to large enterprises or even individuals can adopt it without hesitation. Click here to get more information about ezTalks Webinar pricing plan.

"We are always striving to offer reliable platforms that are easy to get, easy to use and easy to engage. The innovation of ezTalks Webinar is also in line with our mission. It turns each of the virtual events and custom webinars into a quick, simple and enjoyable experience." said Jack Cheung, ezTalks global marketing director.

The next new version of ezTalks Webinar will be released in June. What kinds of new features will bring to the users? The ezTalks PM won't tell too many details but say what we can expect is ezTalks Webinar will be continually updated to be a more effective tool to help boost your revenue, minimize the costs and develop relationships with people in any corner of the world.

For more information please visit https://www.eztalks.com/webinar or contact our support team support(at)eztalks(dot)com

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