Yatra Inc. Introduces First Affordable Suite of Wireless Charging Solutions at HITEC

CHICAGO, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Aimed to enhance guest expectations and allow a connected experience, Yatra provides solutions for any budget to empower charging needs from the host stand to the parking lot. Establishments will benefit from enhanced customer experiences as they recover a minimal investment.

YATRA Hotel Room Media Hub:
Not all hotel clocks are created equal. Yatra offers a Siri/Alexa/Google assisted, ten-watt audio, wireless fast-charging GPS time unit which is engineered for the rugged hospitality sector. This product quickly and easily converts any bedside table into a state-of-the-art power zone.

After Apple announced its commitment to the QI wireless platform and the US surpassing over 75 million smartphones equipped with wireless charging. Many resorts have already begun to meet the challenges of connected guest experiences.

YATRA Central Charger:
Yatra also offers a universal charging station that will fast charge up to 14 mobile devices both wirelessly and through cord connection, taking up less 1sqft. Central Charger offers a solution for all wired, wireless and AC Plugs for under $400. Consider this product a phone valet that can be used at host stands, bars, private events and more.

YATRA Power Station TM :
Power Station TM is a true mobile charging solution. Guests simply take one of the fast charge battery packs with built-in cables anywhere on the property. 2019 Tech Innovation International Award nominee, Power Station is a game changer for the hospitality industry. Charging Phones 0-70% in >30 min, anti-theft technology, and built-in forward compatibility, this patent-pending product sells for $700 and even has a revenue model option.

"Much like Wifi, today's customer expects charging solutions where they dine and sleep," says CEO, Roy Sharda. "These are no longer luxury needs but necessities and unique opportunities for venues to enhance the guest experience. The winners will be establishments that find solutions for wireless charging without neglecting customers with older devices."

Visit Yatra at HITEC 2019, booth #3242.

For more information, please contact Mike Bruce at mike(at)inklingpr.com or call (847) 431-1136.