TIBCO Delivers New Functionality to Organizations with Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Strategies

CHICAGO, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced its latest functionalities designed for organizations with diverse hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to their digital business. These enhancements address a number of cloud environments for dynamic teams looking to act on more powerful business insights.

"We empower enterprises with hybrid and multi-cloud approaches, using a fundamental cloud-native architecture that enables the customer to achieve impactful results," said Matt Quinn, chief operating officer, TIBCO. "We recognize that many customers already have a strong footprint with Azure, that developers need less complexity when building solutions, and that project managers and collaborative teams need their tools to work efficiently. As our customers' cloud businesses evolve and shift, TIBCO will continue to provide the best-fit tools to connect, unify, and augment their business intelligence."

For businesses, finding tools optimally designed for different architectures can be a substantial obstacle to innovation. Solutions that are only partially compatible to a mixed-cloud environment end up missing the mark. Developers, data science teams, and project managers must divert their time and company resources to pinpoint exactly where they have limitations on their integration, APIs, and analytics capabilities. TIBCO addresses these pain points with the following solutions:

    --  TIBCO Cloud(TM) Integration - Connect, previously known as TIBCO
        Scribe®, is the first cloud service in Microsoft Azure® from TIBCO,
        with a strategic expansion to multi-cloud options. The solution, now
        available in beta, provides additional hosting options for connecting
        SaaS and on-premises applications for the extensive Azure® community;
    --  TIBCO Cloud(TM) Mashery® now boasts a new, local developer portal
        capability designed for customers who prefer to deploy and operate
        developer portals both on-premises and in private clouds. With this,
        every capability of TIBCO Cloud Mashery is available on-premises, in
        private clouds, hybrid settings, or public clouds like AWS(TM) and
        Azure. The offering is ideal for industries adopting cloud-native
        deployments, such as airlines, financial services, and
    --  TIBCO Cloud(TM) Nimbus® is now available on the TIBCO Connected
        Intelligence Cloud platform for customer experience leaders, quality
        managers, business operations leaders, project managers, and cross-team
        collaboration. This allows users to easily map strategic business and
        operational processes for sharing, documenting, and auditing to improve
        efficiency and customer experience;
    --  TIBCO Cloud(TM) Spotfire® Web Client now includes support from TIBCO®
        Data Virtualization. TIBCO Data Virtualization allows web and mobile
        clients to load and refresh data and take advantage of its data
        federation and abstraction capabilities. Users can access unified views
        of disparate data sources to generate better business insights; and
    --  TIBCO Cloud(TM) Starters Toolkit from TIBCO LABS addresses multiple
        needs for developers building cloud solutions, including the ability to
        combine several TIBCO cloud capabilities into a single application.
        TIBCO Cloud Starters Toolkit features pre-built templates and UI
        components that are open source and open community, enabling developers
        to quickly build cohesive, multi-product Connected Intelligence Cloud
        solutions. This enables developers to quickly create custom,
        multi-domain apps that contain the right mix of enterprise cloud
        capabilities, while leveraging popular technologies like Angular.

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