On-Site Wind Energy Can Cut A Manufacturing Facility’s CO2 Emissions by 168,000 Metric Tons, Reducing 183 Million Pounds of Burned Coal

One Energy, an industrial power company, today released detailed analysis on the total addressable market (TAM) in the continental U.S. for on-site wind energy at commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities. The analysis shows that even with the investment tax credit (ITC) dropping to zero next year, nearly 30 percent of all U.S. counties have manufacturing facilities that can benefit from on-site wind.

“Almost a third of the U.S. has high concentrations of wind and manufacturing, making these areas ideal for on-site wind energy projects. This presents a tremendous opportunity for companies to reduce their energy costs and their carbon footprint,” said Jereme Kent, CEO of One Energy. “Our total addressable market report for onsite wind energy was developed as an internal planning document; however, given that there is no comparable market information available, we decided it was worth sharing with the public.”

On-site generation wind projects were not possible for C&I consumers until very recently. Changes in state and federal interconnection laws, as well as technological and commercial advances, have now made on-site wind energy projects financially attractive. In response, One Energy launched its Wind for Industry® program—where customers sign a 20-year agreement that allows them to buy energy produced at a fixed rate that is lower than retail electricity rates.

"Low, fixed cost energy for the next twenty years is a very appealing proposition for energy-intensive enterprises,” remarked Kent. “Our Wind for Industry® program is generating tremendous manufacturing interest.”

One Energy has now installed more than 30 MW of on-site wind energy at 11 large C&I facilities in Ohio, cutting CO2 emissions by 1.1 million MT, and is rapidly expanding into other states throughout the Midwest. In a typical three-turbine project, where three 1.5 megawatt (MW) turbines are installed on their property, a single manufacturer can reduce their CO2 emissions by 168,000 metric tons (MT) over a 20-year period, which is equivalent to reducing 183 million pounds of burned coal.

The company’s Total Addressable Market Analysis is available at: www.oneenergy.com/market-analysis

About One Energy

One Energy is an industrial power company and the largest installer of on-site wind energy in North America. Recognizing that energy consumers are fed up with the failings of legacy utilities, One Energy developed modern energy services to control cost and risk, such as Wind for Industry® and Managed High Voltage. One Energy is building the customer-centric grid of the future.

The One Energy family of companies includes One Energy Enterprises (OEE), One Energy Solutions (OES), and One Energy Capital Corporation (OECC). For more information, visit www.oneenergy.com or follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.