Bamboo Apps to Drive the Development of the Digital Key Technology

TALLINN, Estonia, June 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Bamboo Apps has long been a supporter of automotive innovation and a provider of solutions that help automakers and OEM suppliers respond to disruptive industry changes. Taking this initiative a step further, Bamboo Apps joins the Car Connectivity Consortium to develop and standardize the Digital Key technology alongside BMW, Google, Harman, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Apple, and many other cross-industry leaders.

Digital Key is a revolutionary solution for connected cars, which is based on the idea of using smart devices as keys and such technology as Global Platform, GSMA, Bluetooth, and NFC. Digital Key can be used for vehicle access, starting of the engine, provisioning of the key to smart devices. The technology can also be implemented outside of automotive: in the hotel, real estate, and other industries.

"Membership in the CCC will let us continue driving positive change by contributing to the development of the Digital Key standard for smartphone-car connectivity", says Anatoly Spirkov, COO of Bamboo Apps. "As a member of the CCC, Bamboo Apps will have access to the Digital Key specifications and cross-industry workgroups. This will definitely advance our expertise in the connectivity domain. Moreover, soon we plan to present an R&D project based on the Digital Key standard".

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About Bamboo Apps

Bamboo Apps is a division of the Bamboo Group (Tallinn, Estonia) that creates apps for vehicles. Bamboo Apps uses its domain expertise and practical experience to empower OEMs' success in ideation, design, and development of software for connected car apps, infotainment, and HMIs.

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