ActX Launches a Genetic Medical Interpretation Service for 23andMe Customers

SEATTLE, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ActX has launched a medical genetic interpretation service for 23andMe customers. Using 23andMe raw data, easily available from 23andMe, customers can get access to professionally reviewed genetic screening similar to what a physician would order. This new service is available for both 23andMe Ancestry and Health + Ancestry customers.
With the ActX + 23andMe service, both 23andMe customers and their physicians receive access to a genetic profile with information about drug-genomic interactions, actionable hereditary risks and carrier status.

Physicians are able to see the genetic interpretation directly in their Electronic Health Record System, which includes real-time drug genomic interaction checking for efficacy and adverse reactions.

23andMe customers can see the medical interpretation in a smartphone application and on a portal.

23andMe customers can receive true precision medicine when their physician uses an integrated Electronic Health Record. For example, if a customer has a heart attack due to a blocked coronary artery, receives a coronary artery stent, and their physician then orders the typical stent associated prescription of Clopidogrel (Plavix), the prescription would be automatically checked against their genetics. If Clopidogrel is likely to be ineffective, their physician would be alerted prior to finishing the prescription and could pick another medication to help keep the stent open.

ActX adds checking for additional hereditary risks like Lynch Syndrome, which increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Before returning any hereditary risk, ActX confirms the result using a second test.

The ActX + 23andMe Service offers enhanced accuracy thanks to a validated, physician authorized, raw data interpretation performed by a College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited laboratory. For serious genetic risks, we confirm the results using a different test (Sanger).

"Our service offers 23andMe customers a unique opportunity to take their 23andMe data and gain extensive medical information that will be useful to their physician." said ActX CEO Andrew Ury. "By using only validated probes and Sanger confirmation for serious risks, we offer increased accuracy. We deliver medically relevant genetic information directly to the physician often built into the Electronic Health Record they already use".

The 23andMe medical information is kept private and secure by ActX, following HIPAA privacy guidelines.

ActX is not affiliated with 23andMe. 23andMe is a trademark of 23andMe, Inc.

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About ActX
ActX helps physicians make better decisions about medical treatment, using patients' genetic information. ActX uses its GenoACT? clinical decision support program to analyze a patient's genetic information and alert physicians in real time through their existing workflow tools (the Electronic Health Record) about drug-genome interactions, actionable hereditary risks and carrier status. For more information, visit, email or call (888) 998-2289.