AMECA Announces New Website to Better Serve Aftermarket Crash Parts and Automotive Safety Equipment Manufacturers

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Automotive Manufacturer Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc. (AMECA) announces the launch of its new website to better serve Aftermarket Crash Parts and Automotive Safety Equipment Manufacturers.

For over 52 years, the Equipment Compliance Program conducted by AMECA has been serving the automotive industry. Both aftermarket suppliers and OEM's benefit by the efficient method AMECA brings to meet U.S. State registration requirements.

AMECA is leading the aftermarket crash parts and safety equipment industry by the use QR Codes for their ISO-Certification Program. The use of QR codes allows consumers to automatically register their parts warranties with the manufacturer. It's a simple process taking only seconds.

AMECA's recently accredited ISO-Certification Program was designed by automotive industry professionals, utilizing best practices to ensure safety and quality control. Accredited through A2LA, a non-profit U.S. accreditation body, AMECA's ISO-Certification gives consumers confidence that the products with the AMECA Certified Logo are safe, tested and just plain work.

AMECA's ISO-Certification Program is only intended for the best manufacturers. Not every manufacturer who applies will be granted certification. Manufacturers benefit from a high-level program with feedback loops for continuous improvement. AMECA certification is available for manufacturers of:

    --  Aftermarket Crash Parts Replacement And OEM Automotive Lighting
    --  Aftermarket Crash Parts Replacement And OEM Automotive Safety Glass
    --  Aftermarket Automotive Suspension And Wheels
    --  Aftermarket Crash Parts Replacement And OEM Automotive Brake Hoses

In addition, AMECA is working on a program for replacement automotive radiators.

AMECA offers an affordable, efficient certification from a company dedicated exclusively to the automotive market, says Kevin M. Wolford, director of the company.

"Our industry research indicates that 80 percent of consumers value third-party product certifications for their automotive equipment," says Wolford, a trained mechanical engineer who has been part of the AMECA leadership team since 1997. "We have modeled our program to be robust, affordable and efficient. We provide manufacturers an in-depth evaluation from a company with a long-standing record of excellence in safety equipment compliance services. Our certification gives the consumer instant assurance for quality, safety and design of the product they are purchasing."

AMECA's trademarked "Get an Edge(TM)" branding for customers achieving ISO certification. Approval allows for use of the AMECA Certified seal and "Get an Edge(TM)" designations on all packaging and printed materials. The branding enables manufacturers to "Get an Edge(TM)" with customers, "Get an Edge(TM)" on the competition, and "Get an Edge(TM)" for themselves.

For more information on how AMECA-ISO Certification can help manufacturers "Get an Edge(TM)" with independent certification, visit


The only program of its kind in the U.S., AMECA is the designated agent for road vehicle safety equipment compliance programs for several states.

The Equipment Compliance Program is a centralized, one-stop service that has served as a third-party resource since 1967. As standard practice, AMECA notifies government, industry and the general public about compliant motor vehicle safety equipment. Its "Notice of Equipment Compliance" is recognized worldwide as evidence of good faith compliance with the rules regarding regulatory requirements enacted by various state laws.

Every product listed by AMECA has been tested by an AMECA-accredited laboratory and found to comply with applicable United States Department of Transportation (DOT), state regulations, and/or Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact (VESC) standards-based regulations. AMECA Customers are members of the national and international automotive industry, the international standards-setting community and numerous state governments, as well as select foreign governments.

AMECA maintains a listing of items that have been tested and currently comply with these applicable standards, including items such as automotive lighting, brake friction material, safety glass, brake hose, brake fluid and emergency waring devices hitches. The "Compliance List of Automotive Safety Devices" is updated approximately three times a month and is free of charge at The international "List of Acceptable Plastics for Optical Lenses and Reflectors Used on Motor Vehicles" is also maintained by AMECA. This document is also available free as a document on the AMECA website. To be placed on the mailing list of either document, email

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SOURCE - Automotive Manufacturer Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc