Golden Grain Receives LCFS Certification Using Edeniq Technology

Edeniq, Inc. (“Edeniq”), a leading biotechnology company that develops processes for producing and measuring cellulosic ethanol, today announced that the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) approved Golden Grain Energy, LLC (“Golden Grain”) for cellulosic ethanol production from corn kernel fiber. Golden Grain, a 120 million gallon per year (“MGPY”) corn ethanol plant located in Mason City, Iowa was certified on August 5 with a carbon intensity (“CI”) rating of 29.09. Using Intellulose 2.0, the plant achieved corn kernel fiber ethanol production up to, and even at times exceeding, 4% of total production. Two plants previously certified by CARB using Edeniq’s Intellulose 2.0 technology achieved average corn kernel fiber ethanol production of approximately 3% of total production.

Edeniq’s Intellulose 2.0 technology typically achieves between 2 and 4.5% cellulosic ethanol production from the corn kernel fiber at existing corn ethanol plants without any capex requirements. The technology, which was developed over several years and underwent multiple peer reviews, measures the amount of ethanol produced from multiple different molecules present in corn kernels and quantifies the individual contribution of each component. The technology builds on Intellulose 1.0, which measures the cellulosic ethanol produced from a single corn kernel component. Nine Edeniq Intellulose customers were previously approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) for D3 RIN generation and/or by CARB for low-CI corn kernel fiber ethanol production; six current and new customers are now using Intellulose 2.0.

About Edeniq, Inc.

Edeniq, Inc. is a leading biotechnology company that develops processes for producing and measuring cellulosic ethanol from corn kernel fiber through its Intellulose technology. Edeniq’s Intellulose requires zero capital investment and is easily integrated into existing ethanol production facilities. Edeniq was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Visalia, Calif. with a field office in Omaha, Neb. More information can be found at

About Golden Grain Energy, LLC

Golden Grain Energy is a privately-held company that produces approximately 120 million gallons of ethanol annually at a plant in Mason City, Iowa. Golden Grain Energy also produces distiller’s grains and non-food grade corn oil, providing a feed source for local livestock producers or the biodiesel Industry. Owned by more than 900 members, the majority of whom are Iowa farmers, Golden Grain Energy is committed to being a strong partner in the local community, a key player in the regional economy and a leader in Iowa’s ethanol industry. More information can be found at