Get Ahead of Oil and Gas Price Discounts with the New Texas Infrastructure Service (TEXIS)

HOUSTON, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The new TEXIS energy infrastructure analytical service provides quarterly and periodic forecast updates of future infrastructure investments and capacity requirements from a full-value chain and cross-commodity viewpoint. Stratas Advisors, a Houston-based global energy analytical services firm, launched the service to help clients anticipate price-crushing constraints in local demand or infrastructure in Texas amid burgeoning production from the Permian Basin and other shale regions of Texas.

"Severe price discounts are rife in Texas amid rapid oil and gas production growth. Faster than most expected, supply has outpaced local demand for hydrocarbon and capacity to move it out of the field," said Greg Haas, director of the Stratas Advisors Integrated Energy services. "Producers and financial clients of the TEXIS subscription service get advance warning about potential price dislocations, while service clients in the midstream, construction and consuming industries get first dibs on pending opportunities."

Regional assessments of the current and future business environment throughout the next decade compare the proprietary Stratas Advisors field-production outlook with our energy infrastructure forecasts. This includes field processing and gathering, regional consumption capabilities and demand, and the availability of multimodal takeaway to markets beyond the field region are also weighed.

Clients access the analyses and data via a password-protected dedicated web portal in multiple formats including formal and informal analytical content, Excel or image file downloads, webcasts, embedded interactive custom data tool charts with ability to customize data and image download, and more.

    --  Quarterly Infrastructure Development Analyses Reports: Detailed analysis
        of field-level infrastructure for the Permian Basin, the Eagle Ford
        shale play and the Gulf Coast gas-rich shale plays (Haynesville, Barnett
        and Fayetteville shale). The reports include a comprehensive
        cross-commodity Excel database with updates and detailed analysis of
        field-level infrastructure developments and expectations of current,
        planned and announced pipelines, processing facilities, export terminals
        and other midstream logistics in the plays that comprise and directly
        impact Texas energy infrastructure.
    --  Nationwide Quarterly Shale Gap Analyses: We contrast our hydrocarbon
        production forecast outlooks of field production vs. our expectations
        for existing and pending consuming and takeaway infrastructure in each
        of the immediate major active U.S. shale and tight-oil regions. Any gaps
        between field production and regional capacity for takeaway and
        consumption will likely portend challenged or advantaged economics
        within the field region for any or all of the firms involved in a
        region's production, midstream operations and consuming plant
        activities. Our gap analyses reports span the nation from Appalachia to
        New Mexico and from North Dakota to Texas. The goal is to highlight
        forward-looking opportunities and challenges for producers, midstream
        operators or downstream consumers.
    --  Now Easier to Subscribe: For single-user subscriptions, Stratas Advisors
        now accepts credit card enrollments that will give new subscribers rapid
        access at easy to digest prices.

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Greg Haas, Director
Stratas Advisors

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