Plumb Works Inc, an Atlanta Plumbing Company, Proudly Announces the Addition of Intelligent Toilets to Its Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

ATLANTA, July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Recognizing an increased preference for smart technology and a hands-free home environment, Plumb Works Inc proudly adds Smart Toilets to its residential plumbing services. These "Intelligent Toilets" have technologically advanced settings that can be adjusted from either a smart phone app or remote control. Common settings of intelligent toilets include: Bluetooth® music sync, heated seating, foot warmer, and more. Plumb Works Inc is proud and excited to offer a solution to Metro-Atlanta residents who prefer a lifestyle that correlates with the present age.

As one of the newest plumbing products on the market, there is a very limited number of experienced technicians who can perform smart toilet installation and repair. Plumb Works Inc saw a local need, and has since trained its employees on the intricate workings of intelligent toilets. "We are always looking for the next big thing in the plumbing industry and are proud to provide Atlanta with this new, 'smart' and super cool product!" states Jerome Sabol, Plumb Works Inc owner.

Plumb Works Inc partners with companies like Kohler, a plumbing manufacturer highly regarded for its quality and variety in service offerings. Completing warranty work for Kohler for over twenty years, Plumb Works is very knowledgeable with Kohler products, including the company's new intelligent toilets. "There aren't very many plumbers who work on intelligent toilets," explains Sabol. "Each toilet has a computer board inside it, so any repairs needed require a certified technician." Plumb Works Inc also has experience working with Toto smart products, making them well-versed in modern-age technology.

A full list of features included in the smart toilets at Plumb Works Inc are:

    --  Warm-water cleaning capabilities
    --  Adjustable water temperature, spray, and pressure levels
    --  Heated seating
    --  Warm air-dryer
    --  Ambient colored lighting
    --  Hands-free deodorizer
    --  Automatic flush and open/close lid
    --  Foot warmer
    --  Speakers for Bluetooth® streaming
    --  Operated through a touch screen remote, voice command, or phone app

About Plumb Works Inc

Plumb Works Inc and its team of experienced individuals have been serving Atlanta and surrounding areas since 1989. The company is an active member in industry associations such as Quality Service Contractors (QSC), the national Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), as well as the Georgia state chapter of the PHCC (PHCCGA). The family-owned business is very personable with its customers and is known for treating clients like family. The entire team is dedicated to going above and beyond customer expectations. This has helped build the company and its reputation throughout its years in business.

Plumb Works Inc has a wide range of services for residential properties such as: sewer line repair, water leak detection, gas line installation, and more. The company offers a wide variety of coupons to customers both new and old and strives for complete satisfaction with every visit. The team's efficiency and friendliness have provided hassle-free experiences for customers all over Atlanta.

Plumb Works Inc continues to keep track of modern-age technology to further expand the company's business horizons and ensure that clients receive the best possible service with each call. "We are currently installing our intelligent toilets in homes across Atlanta and look forward to serving our future customers!" exclaims Sabol.

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