Sagisu Launches Truckload Brokerage Platform in the U.S.

NEW YORK, July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Sagisu, an app that streamlines freight transport coordination, has announced the opening of operations in New York, California, Georgia, and New Jersey, with immediate plans to provide reliable real-time freight data and coordination for U.S. enterprises and truckers.

Sagisu has been headquartered in the United States since it was started in 2016 by Mithun Kadur, a supply chain and technology veteran with over 13 years advising major U.S. retailers and carriers. The company was created to help streamline deliveries and view valuable data. In the interest to keep costs low in a market that is unstructured, it gave Sagisu an opportunity to stay in business if it had early roadblocks. However, the inefficiencies were so high in logistics that the company was able to exceed customer targets causing an expansion to other regions.

Taking a deeper look at the U.S. trucking industry, Kadur realized that freight brokers hadn't capitalized on useful trucking software. In fact, load boards for truck freight weren't streamlined, some truckers didn't have advanced GPS systems, and customers sometimes didn't have real-time delivery information readily available.

According to Reuters, the U.S. trucking industry generated more than $700 billion in revenue in 2017, and total truck tonnage, including for-hire and private carrier operations, hit 10.8 billion tons in 2017. This presented a huge opportunity for Sagisu to help U.S. companies streamline trucking logistics.

"While the first countries we worked with had more drastic problems than the U.S.," says Kadur, "U.S. trucking companies have certainly not capitalized on the technology that is available to them."

With Sagisu, drivers know where they need to be at what time and can be an enabler for enterprise sector with great insights at their doorsteps. The mobile app allows businesses and customers alike to follow loads through a common user dashboard.

For further information or to explore this truckload brokerage platform, visit and contact the company.

About Sagisu
Sagisu is a cutting-edge app streamlines freight transport coordination, replacing complex load boards for truck freight. It provides reliable, real-time freight data and coordination for enterprises around the world. The app serves both shippers and carriers, allowing them to publish loads, negotiate costs, track shipments, and make digital payments.