Vizor Introduces Next Generation Zinc Oxide Technology That Enable Higher SPF Sunscreens

MIDDLESEX, N.J., July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Vizor, LLC today announced it has launched two new next-generation inorganic sunscreen ingredients based on patent-pending surface modification technology that can deliver substantially higher SPF values with less material and better performance than conventional zinc oxide ingredients. Super Zinc(®) Natural and Super Zinc(®) 1000 offer better dispersibility, superior wetting and lower viscosity in formulation, allowing 50%-100% higher SPF values and better transparency. The ingredients are targeted for the development of aesthetically pleasing sunscreen for FDA Category I sun care, skin care, anti-aging and color cosmetic products that can meet upcoming FDA Sunscreen Monograph requirements and EU Monograph requirements for UVA/UVB protection. Super Zinc ingredients are ecologically safe and have been demonstrated not to harm aquatic life by an EPA-certified testing laboratory.

According to Kevin O'Brien, General Manager of Vizor, LLC, the market for sun protection is stronger than ever and offers great opportunity to consumer product companies who innovate with consumer preferences in mind. "Physical sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the future of the sun care market - across all product types - particularly as regulatory agencies look more closely at chemical sunscreens. To succeed, we have to get the consumer experience right," he said. "The Super Zinc line of ingredients is the easiest to formulate on the market and will allow true product innovation across a wide range of product types. We're excited to introduce this technology and to seeing the creative uses that consumer product companies can make of it," he said.

A technological leap forward

In both Super Zinc Natural and Super Zinc 1000, Vizor's patent-pending surface modification (The Vizor Process(TM)) technology significantly improves the SPF value per unit of zinc oxide - resulting in uniform, complete coating of the zinc oxide particles. Both ingredients feature USP grade zinc oxide and have a critical wavelength of >376nm providing broad spectrum coverage and very high UVA-PF. Both ingredients are non-nano, photostable, Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective (GRASE) and approved for global markets.

Super Zinc(®) Natural is an easy-to-use, COSMOS-certified, photostable, UV filter that features a naturally-derived coating. Super Zinc Natural outperformed competitive silane coated zinc oxide products in both in-vivo and in-vitro SPF testing panels.

Featuring a powerful antioxidant coating, Super Zinc(®) 1000 is the highest SPF performer in Vizor's portfolio and offers similar functional characteristics to Super Zinc Natural. Its extraordinary SPF formulating feature allows product developers to use considerably less zinc oxide to achieve the highest SPF with better transparency. Super Zinc 1000 significantly outperformed competitive silane coated zinc oxide products in-vitro SPF testing panels.

Formulating services available

A part of Vizor's offering includes a range of formulating services for the Super Zinc ingredients. Vizor's team has over 70 years of experience in the cosmetics and sunscreen markets and can help customers develop innovative formulations that hit targets for performance, aesthetics and cost. Vizor also provides complimentary in-vivo testing of formulations featuring Super Zinc ingredients.

About Vizor

Vizor LLC provides innovative sunscreen solutions and technical support services for Category 1 zinc formulations and custom prototypes. The patent-pending Vizor process offers greater transparency at higher SPF values. Headquartered in New Jersey, Vizor manufactures products in North America. Vizor sunscreen products and services are sold through distributors in North America. Visit for more information.

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