By Land, Air, or Sea: Transportation Markets Driving $8.8 Billion Gaskets & Seals Industry

CLEVELAND, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a new Gaskets & Seals study from The Freedonia Group, US demand for these basic industrial components will be dominated by the transportation industry through 2023, with sales in the marine and rail equipment, and aerospace industries projected to outpace sales for all other end use markets.

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Marine & Rail Equipment: When it comes to marine and rail equipment, the Freedonia study predicts that sales of gaskets and seals is will rise 5.6% annually through 2023, making it the top market by demand growth. Several factors are factored into this estimate, including:

    --  An expected recovery in marine and rail equipment production
    --  Continued performance improvement in new sealing products for marine and
        rail equipment
    --  Ongoing replacement of caulks and sealants with O-rings in certain
        maritime applications
    --  Wide use of heavy-duty gaskets and seals (including metal and
        elastomer-bonded-to-metal types) in sealing propeller shafts from the
        exterior of a ship hull, a crucial marine application

Aerospace Market: Freedonia's Gaskets & Seals study asserts that demand in the aerospace market - which encompasses military and commercial aircraft, as well as space vehicles - is expected to increase nearly 5% per year through 2023. In particular, increases in aerospace equipment production (and a corresponding need for compatible high-quality sealing products) should spur demand.

Furthermore, a large aftermarket for the aerospace gaskets and seals should ensure further product segment growth, as gaskets and seals are typically replaced prior to the end of their lifespans in order to prevent failure during critical applications.

Motor Vehicles Market: The motor vehicles market will remain the leading gasket and seal market by end use through 2023. However, Freedonia's Gaskets & Seals study predicts below average gains in this subcategory, taking into account declines in automobile production and a leveling off in truck and van manufacturing.

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