Ringier Africa Digital Publishing Partners with Wochit to Increase Their Branded Content Revenue

NEW YORK, August 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP), Africa's leading integrated media group and the leading content creator and distributor for Africa's digital audiences, has partnered with Wochit, the online video creation platform, to increase the revenue of their branded content studio Play Studio & new media publishing platform Pulse.

Play Studio, fuelled by a creative pool of both veteran and emerging stars in writing, film-making, photography, and design, is known for their expertise and passion for storytelling that makes them unrivaled in creating and delivering a compelling experience for their brand partners.

The Play Studio production team uses Wochit from the sales stage, to showcase the different types of social video production they can do for potential customers, to the final production stage, where they create innovative and engaging videos ready for distribution.

The most recent success is a collaboration between Pulse, RADP's leading new media publishing brand and Supabets to create a series of videos around the African Cup of Nations football tournament. Their client was looking to increase their brand awareness and engagement. The results were beyond expected:

    --  Total video views: 550,000
    --  Engagement: 175,000
    --  Reach: 2,300,000

"Wochit is a natural fit for Ringier Africa Digital Publishing due to the reduced time duration in creating videos compared to more traditional methods, the large number of licensed assets ready to use which simplifies the video creation process and the creative tools that are optimized for social videos. This innovative platform helped our video producers to create videos which are easily adjusted to be shared on Social Media in no time," said Noel Hutchinson, Director of Video - Ringier Africa Digital Publishing.

The new partnership strengthens RADP's company-wide strategy to reach and engage audiences with video across online, mobile and social channels. The videos created using Wochit will enhance the unique branded content offerings that Play Studio has to offer to their wide range of customers.

About Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP)

RADP is Africa's leading integrated media group, combining the leading proprietary and partner media assets with cutting-edge data insights and marketing as well as digital solutions to serve users and advertisers optimally with news, entertainment, video, social engagement and immersive, 360 degree digital, creative and marketing experiences. Pan-African brands and licenses in the group include Pulse, Business Insider, Men's Health/Health and The New York Times. Additionally, a dedicated creative department with Ringier Digital Marketing (RDM - Digital), Play Studio (Content) and RDM Academy (Training) completes the support for clients to reach 100s of millions of users with marketing and creative services. (pulse.ng, pulse.com.gh, pulselive.co.ke, RDMAfrica.com, RDMAfrica.com/fr)

About Wochit

Wochit is a predictive video creation platform that empowers any storyteller, regardless of experience or skill, to create unique high-impact videos at scale and with unprecedented speed. Used by hundreds of media companies, brands and agencies each month, Wochit's holistic solution combines deep knowledge of digital video production processes and audience preferences with a super-intuitive interface, enabling them to quickly create unique, high-impact videos that reflect their brand. Wochit's cloud-based platform, augmented with a proprietary library of over 100 million commercial and editorial rights-cleared images and videos from top professional and social sources, is a complete solution for organizations looking to attract and engage audiences across owned and syndicated digital channels. For more information, visit http://www.wochit.com.