Drummond Certifies 12 New AS2 Secure Messaging Products in 2Q 2019 Test Event

LOS ANGELES, August 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, Drummond Group LLC, the trusted leader in software interoperability testing, announced the companies that have completed its Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) certification during the second quarter (2Q) test event. In addition to providing a high level of data security for companies worldwide, AS2-based software is instrumental in addressing non-repudiation message management and interoperability tools essential for successful B2B integration communication protocols.

Nine companies tested 12 products in the AS2-2Q19 test round and are now Drummond Certified(TM) as a group for AS2 interoperability: ArcESB International, Axway, Cleo, Data Applications Company Limited, Dell Boomi, DXC Technology, IBM Corporation, HelpSystems and OpenText GXS.

"We commend these organizations for their commitment and recognition of AS2 interoperability testing's global significance," said Aaron Gomez, Drummond's Supply Chain Business Practice Leader. "As one of our premier test offerings since 2000, the AS2-2Q19 Interoperability test event marks this standard's 36th successful round conducted by Drummond. AS2 remains a top protocol designed to provide secure and reliable exchange of highly-sensitive business documents and transactions for many verticals, including retail (for EDI Interchange) and pharmaceutical supply chains."

AS2 continues to be one of the most widely-adopted messaging standards in the world. Retailers, consumer product goods, hard-lines, insurance, financial services, petroleum industry, and government agencies have adopted AS2 to safeguard critical business information that represents billions of dollars each year.

For a complete list of the current product versions certified in this AS2 test event and registration information for upcoming tests, please visit:https://drummondgroup.com/as-certified-products-list/.

Additional details on future AS2 or AS4 Interoperability testing are available. Send your request to info2(at)drummondgroup(dot)com.

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