Common Driving Violations That WIll Make Drivers Pay Expensive Car Insurance

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- has launched a new blog post that presents several common traffic violations and how they affect the costs of car insurance.

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Car insurance policies are different from one policyholder to another. Insurance companies are analyzing multiple factors in order to determine the premiums paid by their customers. A clean driving record will help drivers pay affordable insurance rates. However, even the smallest traffic violation can make the premiums rise.

Drivers that want to pay affordable premiums should avoid the following traffic violations:

    --  Speeding. Drivers caught speeding can face hefty fines, license
        suspension, and even prison. On average, insurers will increase the
        premiums of the speeding drivers with about $341 a year.
    --  Phone calling and texting while driving. Using the phone while driving
        is very dangerous. It only takes a moment of distraction for a crash to
        happen. Besides receiving a hefty fine, drivers caught using their
        phones while driving will also have to face penalties from their
        insurers. Usually, they will have their premiums raised by about $290 a
    --  Driving under influence. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
        is severely punished. In most cases, drivers that are caught driving
        while under influence will end up in prison. Also, the premiums will
        rise with as much as $1,086 a year and will remain unchanged for a
        period that is between three to ten years.
    --  At-fault in a car accident. Causing an accident can seriously affect the
        price of car insurance. Drivers that are at-fault in a car accident will
        pay $627 more on the yearly insurance.
    --  Not at-fault in a car accident. The insurance premiums can also increase
        for drivers that were not at-fault in an accident. This happens if the
        driver files a claim for damage or injury. In this case, the insurance
        costs will rise by almost $100 per year.
    --  Driving without a seatbelt. This is a very common traffic violation.
        Once the insurers find out about the driving ticket, they will increase
        the costs of insurance. On average, the annual insurance costs will rise
        by about $60.
    --  Running a red light. In most states, drivers that fail to stop at a red
        light will be penalized with hefty fines and will receive points on
        their driving license. Also, insurers will raise the annual premium by
        about $330.

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