Ecolog International and Dynology Corporation Signed an MOU to Expand Cooperation in Defense and Energy Sectors

DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecolog International, a leading global provider of integrated services, technology, logistics and environmental solutions and Dynology Corporation, a leading provider of information technology services and cyber security solutions, signed a strategic MoU to expand cooperation in providing integrated digital and cybersecurity solutions to the defense sector as well as energy infrastructure in Macedonia and the Balkans.

Under the terms of the MoU, parties will join forces to provide integrated security solutions, cyber security services and end-to-end implementation programs focused on identification, mitigation and enhancement of the infrastructure in defense as well as energy and hydrocarbon sectors.

Commenting on the MOU, Ali Vezvaei, Chief Executive Officer of Ecolog International, said, "In a world of interconnectivity and integration on the one hand and rising complexities and conflicts on the other hand, protecting critical infrastructure in defense and energy sectors are of paramount importance to the nations. We are delighted to expand our cooperation with Dynology Corporation to help our customers address this risk in an integrated and sustainable manner."

John Lord, President of Dynology Corporation, added, "Having served the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial sector for many years, Dynology Corporation is committed to help address infrastructure security in general and cybersecurity in particular with our international customers, and in doing so, we are very pleased to establish our cooperation with Ecolog International."

About Ecolog International

Ecolog is a leading provider of integrated solutions, supply chain and logistics, technology, construction, facility management and environmental services. It provides turnkey and customized solutions to governments and defense, commercial clients in the energy, Oil & Gas, Mining and Infrastructure sectors as well as humanitarian organizations. Incorporated more than two decades ago, Ecolog has carried out over 1,100 projects and is active in 36 countries, leveraging a pool of nearly 12,000 committed people in more than 150 locations around the globe.

About Dynology Corporation

Founded in 1999, Dynology Corporation offers an experienced management team and a committed workforce focused on solving complex issues while expanding the realm of the possible, with a passion for enhancing National Security, and providing leading edge technologies for our federal, commercial and international customers.

About Jones Group International

With a focus on foreign policy, national security and global competitiveness, Jones Group International is unique in its ability to understand the dynamics of a rapidly changing world and how the complexities of our times call for a closer interaction between public and private sectors on both national and international stages. Our ability to ensure our client's success comes from long established relationships around the world, consummate professionalism, vast experience, and a proven ability to navigate the most complex business, economic or political environments.

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