Product Prototyping & 3D-Design Costs Have Gone to $0 for Today's Maker's: New book outlines a path to 3D prototyping with virtually no cost & very little learning curve

DENVER, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- John Clark Craig, author/inventor suffered through the ultra-high-price era of product prototyping. He shares his expertise to reduce the learning curve of 3D-printing and rapid prototyping in a new book called, "Python for OpenSCAD". Craig's book provides a pathway to completely free and easy-to-use design software for 3D creations by leveraging the power of two popular programming languages: Python wrapped around free, open-source OpenSCAD 3D-modeling software.

"In years past, it was impossible to get an invention to the prototype stage without investing tens of thousands of dollars," Craig explains. "Prototyping costs for hardware, software, education, consulting, and time involved were enormous and usually prohibitive. This tragically left many wonderful inventions on the drawing board - mine included. The good news is those costs have seen a dramatic overhaul recently, beginning with 3D plastic printers. I paid nearly a year's salary for my first one, just the beginning of the expenses to get my first consumer product to market. I ended up contracting a 3D-design firm because buying 3D software was another year's salary."

Craig set out to help other Inventor/Makers avoid the costly hardware expenses and software development's learning curve. OpenSCAD uses simple text file commands to drive the design of a 3D model. "Now, thanks to OpenSCAD, I can create an object, send the STL file to the library's 3D printer and create a prototype in just a couple of days - practically free of charge." OpenSCAD's unique programming language still involved a learning curve, so Craig created a Python library that simplified programming so much that he decided to share it with other makers, teaching them how to use it in his book, but providing the code to them for free.

OpenSCAD has opened up 3D-modeling software to virtually anyone. Many public libraries purchased their own 3D plastic printing machines. "Suddenly, everyone has access to 3D plastics printing without a major upfront investment, and thanks to my book, the learning curve is down just as dramatically!"

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SOURCE John Clark Craig