Pelican(TM) Brings Security And Confidence With Debut Of Four New Rugged Cases For The iPhone®

TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in rugged, mission-critical protective cases since 1976, today announced the expansion of its critically-acclaimed line of phone cases with the addition of four new cases for the iPhone® and new charging accessories for the Pelican(TM) Protector Case. Like all Pelican(TM) products, they are forged from 40 plus years' of experience building industry-leading protective cases for sensitive camera equipment and other professional equipment.

The Pelican(TM) Rogue Phone Case (MSRP: $30), Pelican(TM) Mogul Phone Case (MSRP: $40) and Pelican(TM) Traveler Phone Case (MSRP: $50) are each geared to meet specific lifestyle needs. Pelican also added a new wireless charging version to its popular Protector case, the Pelican(TM) Protector EMS [Easy Mount System] Recharge Case (MSRP: $80). This features an integrated easy mount system, and detachable magnetic battery with an extra USB port to connect additional devices. All the new cases are backward compatible with the last generation of iPhones.

Pelican Vice President of Consumer Electronics Sales, David Becker said: "With these durable new Easy Mount System solutions for on-the-go charging, plus stylish new additions to our military spec phone case lineup, Pelican is establishing its leadership in today's mobile case market. Our extensive new lineup provides every consumer -- from commuters to outdoor adventurers to frequent travelers to everyday phone users -- with aesthetically designed, rugged solutions for their phone case and charging needs."

Here's a brief look at the new products:

Pelican(TM) Rogue Phone Case: Influenced by Pelican legacy protective cases, the Pelican Rogue Phone Case features a new waffle-style casing. This exclusive construction absorbs, redirects and disperses the force of impact. Like all Pelican(TM) cases, the Pelican Rogue Phone Case is tested to Military specifications to survive multiple drops. The flexible yet impervious rubber won't tear, pierce or scratch. Compatible with iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro Max and available in three colors: Glow in the Dark, Black and Taupe.

Pelican(TM) Mogul Phone Case: Designed for consumers looking for a rugged, elegant option the Pelican Mogul Phone Case features clean lines and super-solid construction. The new soft-touch overmold allows for a slim design that's easy to hold and won't slip off surfaces. Doubling down on its phone protection, the Pelican Mogul Phone Case uses a flexible rubber that goes back-to-back with protective polycarbonate to create double lines of defense against impacts, scratches and shatters. This updated look comes complete with military grade drop protection, shock absorption technology, and of course Pelican's limited lifetime guarantee. Available for the iPhone® 11 Pro Max in a distinctive transparent purple/silver.

Pelican(TM) Traveler Phone Case: Don't let the refined lightweight, streamlined design fool you. This new Pelican case features reinforced three-layer construction and a flexible interior bumper that absorbs the force of impact. In addition, the fortified polycarbonate and material shell protects phone from damage. Distinctive, enhanced Grip Stitching around every edge ensures a comfortable hold. It is compatible with the iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro Max and is available in Black and Taupe.

Pelican(TM) Protector EMS [Easy Mount System] Recharge Phone Case: This great value includes the top selling rugged Pelican(TM) Protector Phone Case with an integrated Easy Mount System and a detachable magnetic battery to provide on the go wireless charging. Created with technology once reserved for first responders and extreme-enthusiasts around the globe, the Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Phone Case features a rigid, impact-resistant outer shell combined with a shock-absorbing rubber lining for the most extreme drops. It provides military-spec protection and will easily take on stairs, sidewalks, and everywhere else a phone may accidentally tumble. Using the wireless Qi(TM) - certified charging technology, the Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Phone Case provides secure and consistent hands-free wireless charging. For added convenience, it also features an additional USB port for charging of other non-wireless charging devices. It is available for the iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro Max in Black/Black.

Here are some new accessories for the Pelican(TM) Protector Case:

Pelican(TM) Protector EMS Wireless Charging Vent Mount: With the Pelican(TM) Protector EMS Charging Vent Mount drivers can now be hands-free and charge their phones. This complete, all-in-one system features a Pelican(TM) Protector phone case with an integrated steel plate which seamlessly and securely connects to a magnetic vent mount. The adjustable mount allows for easy switching between landscape and portrait mode while staying connected to the wireless Qi charging system. It is compatible with the iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro Max and is available in Black.

Pelican(TM) Protector EMS Vent Mount: For on-the-road hands-free operation, Pelican is also introducing the new Protector EMS Vent Mount. Compatible with iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro and iPhone® 11 Pro Max, this innovative car mount features the top-selling Protector design with integrated EMS steel plate and integrated EMS vent mount. Offering total ease of installation and usage, the Easy Mount Installation Kit also provides both portrait and landscape modes and supports most vehicle vent sizes. The mount can also be used as a handy media viewing kickstand.

With the introduction of these new phone cases, Pelican has one of the most comprehensive lines that also includes: Pelican(TM) Adventure case, Pelican(TM) Protector case, Pelican(TM) Guardian case, Pelican(TM) Ambassador case, Pelican(TM) Voyager case, Pelican(TM) Shield case and the Pelican(TM) Marine case. All these cases will be compatible with the new iPhones®.

Pelican cases for the iPhone are available for purchase at, AT&T stores and

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