Free Malwarebytes Browser Guard Combats Privacy Abuses, Tracking, Clickbait, Unwanted Ads and Tech Support Scammers

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Malwarebytes(TM), the leading advanced endpoint protection and remediation solution, today announced the launch of Malwarebytes Browser Guard, a comprehensive browser security solution that delivers a safer and faster web browsing experience by providing unprecedented security and privacy protection. The latest Browser Guard blocks trackers that intrude upon users' privacy in addition to blocking unwanted ads and protecting users from clickbait and scams. This free tool is available for anyone to use on Chrome and Firefox browsers starting today.

Malwarebytes' innovative browser extension safeguards consumers from scammers, enabling them to browse the web up to four times faster, without interruption. The free tool blocks tech support scams in addition to annoying and sometimes malicious pop-ups, and prevents browser hijacking and browser lockers, all known scare tactics used to trap consumers into purchasing unnecessary, expensive technical support and exposing them to unwanted content.

"One of the primary goals of our company has been to protect people from material they don't want on their computing devices. Today unwanted material extends beyond overt malware to ads and tracking tools that expose users' locations and take up their bandwidth," said Akshay Bhargava, senior vice president of products, Malwarebytes. "Malwarebytes Browser Guard gives users the freedom to take charge of their browsing experience without an onslaught of content or exposure to threats and it's a great supplement to our premium endpoint protection line of consumer products."

Malwarebytes Browser Guard enables users to surf worry-free and to get their information faster. It uses minimal bandwidth by filtering out unverified or suspicious content, ads and trackers, as well as unnecessary content popular sites subversively download in the background to "follow" users' online behavior. Additionally, Malwarebytes Browser Guard protects users from inadvertently visiting unscrupulous websites that may misrepresent information and jeopardize user privacy and systems, as well as prevents hackers from accessing personal information without users' knowledge.

Independent testing organization AV Lab recently awarded Malwarebytes Browser Guard its highest rating for protection against malicious software, after Malwarebytes blocked 98.07 percent of malware. Download Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome and Firefox today.

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