17 Media aims to lead in the live media era through cooperation with OTT/VOD/online media to live broadcast the Golden Feather Awards

TAIPEI, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 17 Media, the leading live streaming app in developed Asia under M17 Group, will cooperate with OTT (Over-the-Top Application), VOD (Video On-Demand) providers, online media and production teams behind Asia's three influential entertainment awards to live broadcast its 3rd Golden Feather Awards (GFA) on Oct. 6 in Taiwan, aiming to reach a wider audience through these partners and lead the way in the era of live media.

The GFA, launched by 17 Media in 2017 to honor outstanding live streaming artists, was the first award created for the live streaming industry. This year, the 17 Media seeks crossover cooperation with key players in various fields, including OTT and VOD providers including Chunghwa Telecom and OVO, Taiwan's key social networking site-Expose' Society, and online media and interactive platforms such as Coutue New Media and Zuvio, to livestream the ceremony together.

"We work with different service providers and online platforms for the first time to livestream the GFA. Our goal is to reach a wider audience and make it a major recognition of excellent performances not only in live streaming, but in the new media industry," said Winnie Yen, senior vice president and head of new media content at 17 Media.

This year's GFA will be a beginning to more cooperation with various partners in the future to make the GFA a major event in the new media industry. 17 Media has also launched a "Live Streaming Creators' Project" in June to invite politicians, commentators and celebrities to open live streaming shows at 17 Media to bring more diverse contents to the audience, she added.

The GFA will also invites live streaming artists from Japan, US, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and add an award for excellent virtual live streamers and invite virtual live streamers from Japan to interact with fans in the ceremony.

In addition to jointly live broadcasting the GFA on different online platforms, 17 Media also works with Expose' Society to create five social media award categories, including the most popular female on social media, the most popular social media influencer, the most popular male politician, the most popular commentator and the most heart-warming event. Expose' Society will shortlist top candidates for the five categories on its platform and invite the public to vote for the winners on the GFA's official website.

Expose' Society said the social networking site's mission is to allow everyone learn current events and share things they care about. It expects the cooperation of 17 Media to bring more contents to its audience while raising the popularity of GFA.

"Expose' Society is a platform with rich contents and interesting things in our lives. We hope our cooperation with 17 Media will further add variety to our content, and attract more online viewership for GFA at the same time," Expose' Society said.

On top of joint live streaming with new partners, GFA invites production teams that have rich experiences in producing Asia's three major awards in film, TV and music industries that are equivalent to the Oscars, the Emmy Awards and the Grammys --Golden Horse Awards, Golden Bell Awards and Golden Melody Awards, to showcase the GFA's high standards rivaling the three awards.

Yen said 17 Media's goal is not to build GFA as the fourth golden award in the traditional way. The goal is to make it a big and important event for the younger generation in the era of live media through more partnerships in different fields to live streaming the show with innovative interaction features.

Currently there are four award categories for GFA, including best live stream contents, best live stream styles, best individual artists and best artists ranked by data.

The 3(rd) Golden Feather Awards will be held on Oct. 6 at Taiwan University Sports Center. The ceremony will start at 4:30pm (Taiwan standard time). For more information, please visit the Official Website of GFA: http://17.media/gfa19/tw/

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