ArtesMoble Presents in Valencia the World's First Smart Solar Table

VALENCIA, Spain, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Spanish luxury furniture brand ArtesMoble presented this week the world's first smart solar table, which generates clean electric energy and charges electronic devices while you relax.

The innovation was a presented during the Valencia International Furniture and Lighting Fair, Habitat, that will close this Friday.

Technically, the ArtesMoble solar table integrates photovoltaic technology (solar panelling) capable of transforming sunlight into clean, renewable and free electric energy. The energy generated by the solar table can be accessed immediately and easily via the different electronic connections available within the table itself. It allows customers to plug in waterproof USB ports or connect bluetooth speakers while generating up to 30,000 watts of clean energy per year.

It features two waterproof USB charging ports, Bluetooth speakers and, RGB LED lights that can be controlled remotely from any smartphone. It also allows users to connect the table with some key contemporary technology such as virtual assistants Alexa or Google Home. Each day, green energy is accumulated and stored in a maintenance-free battery. The table is delivered with a standard 220V power connector that allows clients to service any electronic devices.

ArtesMoble, based in Valladolid (Spain), has been for years a synonym of quality and originality.

Led by founder and CEO Luis Beña Hitos, also in charge of R+D, the brand offers Made in Spain furniture using walnut wood in combination with beech wood.

"The solar table of the future is the result of a year of hard R+D work of a whole multidisciplinary team combining the talent of engineers, cabinetmakers and metallurgy experts," says Beña Hitos.

The table is 100% manufactured in the Spain.

"The result of this creative work is a table that, in addition to its own operational functions, bets on integrate design, quality, ecology and technology," he adds.

The eco conscious product allows can be customized with a wide variety of materials.Depending on the latitude and orientation in which it is located, the table may not only generate relevant amounts of clean energy, but also reduce more than 110 kg of CO2 emissions over a 10 year period, the equivalent of planting a tree every 12 months. For contract projects, the R+D team at ArtesMoble will customize the solar table to the technological and aesthetic needs of a hotels, restaurants or beach clubs committed to the environment.

"Our product takes into account how important it will be in the future to combine aesthetics, ecology, technology and functionality, and we are proud of what we have achieved," says the company's founder.

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