Sentry Data Systems reaches settlement agreement with CVS and Wellpartner

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sentry Data Systems, Inc. has reached a settlement agreement to resolve its litigation with CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and Wellpartner, LLC. The parties are in the process of memorializing the terms of the agreement and expect to be in a position to provide further details to their customers soon.

During this period, Sentry Data Systems expects that CVS Pharmacy will be pausing the transition to CVS's new integrated model for 340B contract pharmacy services for certain Covered Entity clients of Sentry Data Systems to allow for the use of Sentry's technology and data platform to transmit data to and receive data from Wellpartner when they transition to Wellpartner for administration of CVS pharmacies. For those covered entities, Sentry will also ensure that any eligibility determined by Wellpartner meets all the requirements of the Covered Entity's 340B operational compliance. Sentry's Centralized Compliance system allows for Covered Entities to maintain their 340B compliance and to continue their exclusive contract with Sentry and an ongoing PSA with CVS. Hospitals and other Covered Entities with an exclusivity agreement with Sentry will continue to be bound by that agreement but may continue their CVS relationships by transitioning to CVS's integrated model and using Sentry's technology platform to transmit data to and receive data from Wellpartner and to confirm Wellpartner's eligibility determinations. Covered Entities that previously had an exclusive contract with Sentry and have already transitioned to CVS's integrated model will have the ability to engage Sentry to transmit data to and receive data from Wellpartner and to confirm Wellpartner's eligibility determination when these services become available.

Sentry Data Systems looks forward to continuing to provide access to CVS Contract Pharmacies pursuant to this new arrangement.

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