Mighty You Takes On Big-Brand Performance Management with New Employee Goals and Feedback Software

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Mighty You(TM), an employee goals and feedback solution, today released Version 1.0 of its new software product at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® 2019 in Las Vegas. Mighty You takes aim at big-brand performance management technology with a common-sense solution that prioritizes people, goals and conversations over process, scores and conformity to subjective behavioral standards.

"There should be only one performance conversation going on at work, and we should make that conversation about the work," said Gene Pease, Co-Founder and CEO of Mighty You. "Our solution is built from the ground up based on this simple principle of One Conversation(TM). Other solutions separate goal management from performance feedback, with the unintended consequence of steering feedback towards subjective people issues and away from objective guidance on goal attainment. It should be a manager's role to assess the work, not the worker."

Mighty You is part of a growing category of next-generation performance management solutions exemplified by companies like Reflektive, Lattice and Betterworks. However, unlike these fellow competitors to legacy performance management software, Mighty You integrates goal management and feedback in a single conversation embedded in the everyday flow of work. The result is a steady pulse of feedback and guidance based on objective progress towards goals rather than the typical periodic dump of subjective performance appraisals.

Mr. Pease is no stranger to solving big problems in human capital management. As founder of the people analytics software company, Vestrics, he built one of the most powerful workforce insights solutions in the industry before his company was acquired by Ultimate Software in 2016. It was his pioneering work in the scientific field of people analytics that compelled him to tackle what he sees as the most insidious problem in business today -- overbuilt performance management systems that favor subjective people assessments over objective appraisals of goal attainment.

"It's ironic, really," said Mr. Pease. "These big performance management systems are all about following a top-down, mechanical process. But this big impersonal process forces managers to make very subjective and personal judgements about the character of peers and colleagues without creating the opportunity for direct conversations about accelerating progress towards goals. We should not expect our managers to be therapists. Let's have one conversation and let's make it about the work."

Mighty You offers the following major features and benefits:

    --  Goal Management - Create goals from scratch or based on smart templates
        and then manage and monitor them across individuals, teams or the whole
    --  Integrated Goal Feedback - Deliver goal-specific feedback without
        leaving your email (and without leaving the goals area).
    --  Achievement Analytics - Gain predictive insights into goal attainment
        based on multiple factors such as pace of completion, related goals and
        historic achievement.
    --  Feedback Coaching - Mighty You analyzes feedback on the fly to identify
        negative sentiment and suggest constructive alternative approaches and

Mr. Pease developed Mighty You with large companies in mind, but believes the solution will work well for midsize companies, too, due to the simplicity of the One Conversation model. The product is fully functional and ready to use, though Mr. Pease expects several major enhancements over the coming year including richer predictive analytics and 9-box performance assessments based on objective performance criteria.

If your business is ready for a performance management solution that actually manages performance instead of measuring charisma and popularity, consider Mighty You. Want to learn more about Mighty You? Schedule a demo at http://www.MightyYou.com/Demo or visit the company's booth at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® 2019 in Las Vegas (Booth #428I in the Start-up Pavilion).

About Mighty You

Mighty You is an employee goals and feedback management software company founded by Gene Pease along with a team of world-class data scientists and engineers. Mr. Pease is a pioneer in the field of people analytics and performance having sold his most recent workforce analytics company, Vestrics, to Ultimate Software in 2016. Mr. Pease is also the author or co-author of three books on Human Capital Management (HCM) topics: Human Capital Analytics, Developing Human Capital and Optimizing Your Greatest Asset -- Your People. Unlike legacy, big-brand performance management systems and other goals and feedback solutions, Mighty You integrates goals and feedback in One Conversation(TM) to focus on objective goal attainment rather than subjective perceptions of worker comportment, character or conformity.

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