R3 Stem Cell Marketing Offering Effective Campaigns Without Google Pay Per Click

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- R3 Stem Cell Marketing, the nation's leader in regenerative medicine patient acquisition, is now offering effective marketing campaigns without using Google pay per click. The company works throughout the US with practices on stem cell marketing campaigns that generate significant traffic and qualified leads for treatment.

Recently, Google announced it would stop allowing paid advertising for regenerative medicine. Therefore, medical providers and practices need to find alternate methods to reach patients who can benefit from regenerative therapies.

Said R3 CEO David Greene, MD, MBA, "Our comprehensive web presence reaches well over half a million individuals throughout the US every month. We have proprietary methods of getting in front of people and providing necessary educational material to help them understand regenerative therapies. We haven't needed to rely heavily on Google PPC, so practices will benefit tremendously from our success."

Clients of R3 Stem Cell Marketing also benefit from the two call centers that handle the incoming calls and also reach out to leads. Over 5,000 qualfied leads are generated monthly. Most of the call center personnel have been with R3 for years, therefore, have a very good understanding of regenerative therapies.

Methods of marketing include videos, press releases, social media, organic SEO, paid advertising along with the new Stem Cell Master Class. The Master Class includes eight episodes and over 4 hours of entertaining content. Along with the basics of explaining regenerative cells, there are episodes that interview patient success stories and also there are two mythbuster episodes.

Added Dr. Greene, "We have six teams that work very hard on our campaigns. Most practices either don't have the time to keep up with the campaigns, or with Google's move they don't know how to reach prospects. We can help!"

For practices desiring to achieve success with regenerative marketing without using Google Pay Per Click, contact R3 Stem Cell Marketing today. Either visit the website at https://stemcellmarketing.com or call (844) GET-STEM.

SOURCE R3 Stem Cell Marketing