Online Reputation Platform MyLife Announces Identity Verification Allowing Dating Websites to Enhance Safety

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MyLife, the leading online reputation platform, today announced identity verification enhancements to its service and platform for dating sites to make consumers safer. The new updates come on the heels of a recent FTC crackdown on fraudulent user profiles on major online dating sites, including The FTC found that up to 30% of dating profiles were fake and the source of romance scams costing consumers $143 million per year, not to mention other crimes that are hopefully preventable. MyLife's enhancements add another layer of trust necessary so users on dating websites can be safer, also allowing these services to easily meet their basic obligation to their members - to help them date safely.

The identity verification updates offer dating sites and other online marketplaces the ability for users to learn more about real people they engage with online. It's as simple as adding a button to profiles that, once clicked, starts by verifying the person is who they claim to be. It is this ID verification and access to reputation details that provide an extra layer of safety designed to reduce online fraud and crime, allowing consumers to be safer as they date or connect with others they don't know.

"MyLife is dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for all consumers, and marketplaces more trusted," said Jeff Tinsley, Founder and CEO of MyLife. "Recently, we have watched more people connect to others they don't know online. This has caused the prevalence of dangerous outcomes and scams to grow, and so at MyLife we are focused on keeping consumers safe as they date or engage in other business online, while hoping marketplaces to drive additional adoption from people that don't currently trust them."

MyLife shares the FTC's concerns and is determined to help protect consumers in light of these new revelations related to fake profiles and scams as they continue to grow. According to a 2019 report from the FTC, in 2018 alone, people reported losing a total of $143 million in online romance scams - up from $33 million in 2015. Statistics like this add to the urgency of MyLife's mission, helping all dating sites and online marketplaces make their members safer.

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Founded in 2002, MyLife is the only Identity & Reputation Platform that makes consumers safer and marketplaces more trusted, something more important than ever as online fraud and crime have grown expediently along with the Internet itself. Through proprietary Reputation Profiles and Reputation Scores, MyLife uniquely helps people to manage and monitor their reputations, allowing them to look their best to the people searching for them online. With more than 325 million Reputation Profiles and Scores, one for every adult in the United States, MyLife is visited by more than 18 million people each month and has more than 42 million registered members. MyLife's Reputation Profiles appear more than 400 million times per month in online searches. In cooperation with, MyLife has created an extra layer of safety and trust for consumers and marketplaces, making the Internet safer by allowing people to learn more about their friends and neighbors, as well as people who they do business with or date.

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