Cognosos Brings Its Asset Tracking Platform Indoors

ATLANTA, Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Cognosos announced today that it has added new tags and applications to accurately locate and track assets in buildings such as hospitals, retail stores, and warehouses using simple Bluetooth beacons. Built to deliver asset location services to multiple industries, the Cognosos platform has already been deployed across the automotive market to track and monitor vehicle inventories. Cognosos indoor location services will be available for commercial applications in the fourth quarter of 2019, providing customers with a common platform that spans both indoor and outdoor tracking needs.

"We've developed an extensible location services platform that delivers location intelligence through the use of multiple technology engines including GPS and Bluetooth," said co-founder and CTO Jim Stratigos. "In keeping with our strategy to minimize infrastructure, the latest release of the platform provides our customers with the ability to accurately locate and track assets and inventory indoors using simple, fixed Bluetooth beacons. The same beacons that are increasingly being deployed for wayfinding and proximity marketing can now also serve up 'indoor GPS' without the need for new, hardwired access points," he explained.

Cognosos is working with technology partners to embed indoor location capabilities within their products. Early deployments include hospitals seeking to increase the utilization of medical equipment and retail stores targeting improved On-Shelf Availability of stock.

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Cognosos equips enterprises with the real-time location and tracking intelligence needed to boost utilization of assets and accelerate inventory through supply chains. Its lightweight platform deploys quickly both indoors and outdoors, delivering an unparalleled combination of price and performance that is now tracking over 70,000 assets across multiple industries including automotive, logistics and healthcare. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @Cognosos and LinkedIn at

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