Japan National Tourism Organization and SUBARU Collaboration

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting February 2018, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) launched the "Enjoy my Japan" global campaign aimed at frequent travelers from the American, European, and Australian market who may not be considering Japan as a destination. As a part of the current campaign, which conveys to travelers a personalized Japan geared towards their individual interests, we have decided to collaborate with the car manufacturer SUBARU to communicate Japan's appeal in new ways as they have a large foreign fanbase centered in North America.

At this time, JNTO has produced a Japan travel promotional video with SUBARU. Mr. Robert Champion was selected to travel to Japan and produce this video. The event director from Subie Events, LLC, who hosts large-scale events in America for SUBARU fans, is also personally a SUBARU enthusiast. Starting at the recently reopened Mitaka STI Gallery in Tokyo, a SUBARU fan's mecca, the documentary style promotional video takes one on a drive to discover the global campaign's seven passions with SUBARU Motorsports' iconic blue color (#myjapanblue) as its theme.

In addition to the promotional video being broadcast worldwide via JNTO, SUBARU, and Mr. Champion's SNS accounts, it was also aired on October 13th in California at "Subie Fest," a large-scale event for SUBARU fans. At the event, a panel session with Mr. Champion was held alongside a showing of new footage of Mr. Champion's first trip to Japan to promote Japan's charm. As we heard from event goers who viewed the video make comments such as, "Even though Japan is far, I want to go sometime," and "I now want to take a drive around Japan," we felt that there was a growing interest in Japan.

*7 Passions?Tradition, Cuisine, Cities, Nature, Art, Relaxation, Outdoors

As the official tourism board of Japan, JNTO is involved in a wide range of promotional activities to encourage international travelers to visit Japan. Through a variety of campaigns and initiatives, JNTO is inspiring more American travelers to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and beyond.

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