Docent Health Debuts New Conversational AI Capabilities

BOSTON, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Docent Health, the healthcare experience technology and services company, today announced a new Conversational AI feature suite as part of its standard product offering. The update, its most extensive of 2019, launches several new intelligence initiatives aimed at scaling care coordination activities without sacrificing personalization and engagement.

An October 2019 research report from JAMA suggests that the United States wastes up to $78 billion annually due to failures in care coordination. Although many health systems and payors have introduced various care navigator and coordinator initiatives, the research cites difficulties of the programs scaling to support complex populations, fragmented service offerings, and ineffective management tools. Closing gaps in care and smoothing points of friction persist even for many of the most sophisticated healthcare organizations.

A consistent position of Docent Health has been that solving these problems requires a delicate blend of technology and human services. When implemented correctly, Docent Health's Conversational AI toolkit allows for text exchanges with patients that assist coordination activities by mirroring live human interactions. These dialogues create capacity to address Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) at scale, while simultaneously improving the patient experience.

"We know that gaps in coordination are translating to inefficiencies and impeding the ability for healthcare to deliver truly great experiences," said Royal Tuthill, Docent Health's President and Chief Commercial Officer. "These Conversational AI enhancements mean better quality care for patients, at scale, without sacrificing a sense of individualization."

Docent Health's new suite includes enhancements to both inbound and outbound AI text messaging, which can compose messages that route patients to localized clinical, financial, and community-based resources, while also performing non-clinical SDoH inquiries. With the announcement, Docent Health cited two key results from early testing:

    --  33% of all text engagements are now being fully driven by Conversational
    --  3.5x increase in the patient load managed by a given coordinator or

"We're excited to be deploying a system that can interpret, react, and learn from even the most complex interactions," said Wayne Edwards, VP of Engineering at Docent Health. "This AI system can help carry the load for medically complicated patients, transitional care programs, and unique social determinants; it's going to unlock tremendous efficiencies while closing critical gaps in care."

Docent Health's technology platform collects numerous unique patient attributes, then uses its proprietary experience intelligence tools to analyze those inputs and predictively determine the right communications to develop patient relationships and coordinate care across entire populations. The new Docent Health product enhancements have been tested with tens of thousands of patients in various markets throughout the United States.

SOURCE Docent Health