Reservoire Health Launches Copeify, an Anonymous App for Student Health and Happiness

HARTFORD, Conn., Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Reservoire Health, the veteran-backed health intelligence network today announces the immediate distribution of Copeify, a 100% anonymous self-care and life-skills application for high schools, colleges and universities. The machine learning application requires no student profile and is designed to help students and faculty grow their life-skills and coping capabilities, pursue happiness and health, and reduce frequency of depression, addiction and anxiety.

The unique model encourages adoption amongst a community that is sensitive to how they are perceived by others and provides a way to explore self-care without being judged. Copeify was originally conceived by a high school student as a way for her peers and teachers to anonymously receive daily notifications and content about nutrition, motivation, health and mindfulness. The use of anonymity to mobilize wellness and mental fitness intelligence goes against the grain of data-hungry networks like Facebook and Google who are getting into health tech with growing data privacy concerns.

"Everyone in school struggles, even faculty, because both life and learning are naturally challenging and competitive," said Ana Bartkiewicz, inventor of Copeify and student at Miss Porter's School. "I observed that these personal challenges of stress, identity and academics were quite universal to everyone, and that life-skills were actually available out there if we could find a better way to deliver them easily to the academic environment and without kids feeling the pressure to share anything."

Copeify leverages the sciences of self-care skills and personal development, coupled with character and lifestyle tips, to help people in an academic environment thrive and improve their personal resilience. The national mandate for distributing life-skills and personal development has grown dramatically with the increased and historic rates of teenage depression, addiction, obesity and hopelessness.

    --  1 in 5 college students have anxiety or depression (Mayo Clinic)
    --  Suicide rates have increased 56% from 2007 to 2017 (Centers for Disease
    --  250 million children worldwide forecast to be obese by 2030 (WHO)
    --  Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) impact 34% of a child's health
        outcomes (HealthIT)

"Young people and those who teach them need to increase their coping capacities and life-skill intelligence in a more regular and accessible way, with complete privacy," said Major General Malcolm Frost, U.S. Army Retired, the newest Advisory Board member of veteran-backed Reservoire Health. "Copeify provides a regular flow of life-skill tools specific to individual needs. This unique, intelligent and anonymous platform allows kids/young adults and faculty to meet and interact in the same channel so they can thrive in an academic environment."

Copeify optimizes the 12 key components of resilience and readiness for navigating the years of adolescence and higher education. Without needing a profile or any personal information, Copeify delivers the motivation and means to help students and faculty thrive with:

    --  Daily notifications on the aspects of coping and character, health and
    --  Embedded articles and videos about healthy lifestyles, social skills and
        emotional intelligence.
    --  CopeIQ meters that help one track experiential times for measuring their
        growth in coping skills.

The first version of Copeify beta is already being used by students and faculty in 17 high schools and colleges, such as Avon Old Farms, Miss Porters School, Harlem's Renaissance School, Bentley College, West Point, Northeastern, Boston College and U Miami.

Copeify is now available to high schools, colleges and universities, and the organizations that support them. Reservoire and Copeify are subsidiary brands of Patriapps Veterans Software Studios.

SOURCE Reservoire Health