Advanced Battery Concepts Secures its Seventh Licensee

CLARE, Mich., Nov. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Battery Concepts is pleased to announce that another global lead battery company has acquired licensing rights to its full suite of GreenSeal® Bipolar Lead Battery technologies. This is the seventh license agreement and the second new licensee in 2019.

The new licensee will be using Advanced Battery Concepts' GreenSeal® technology to provide a strategic advantage in the industrial markets it serves. With GreenSeal® technology, our new partner is set to achieve unprecedented performance with over 60 Wh/kg energy density. They expect that GreenSeal® technology will be readily adopted and well received by its customers, as meeting its customers' expectations is one of their highest priorities.

Dr. Edward Shaffer, CEO and Founder of Advanced Battery Concepts, commented "The acquisition of this seventh licensee is another significant step forward in the execution of Advanced Battery Concepts' strategy of accelerate, extend and expand the reach of GreenSeal® technology around the globe. With their commitment to GreenSeal® technology, our new partner will be able to build on its strong position as a leading manufacturer and global supplier of lead batteries."

"When it comes to energy storage, GreenSeal® technology makes it possible to achieve both environmental sustainability and improved performance, something that has eluded battery makers for years. GreenSeal® technology accomplishes both," Shaffer further stated, "This collaboration and license agreement is added proof that GreenSeal® technology is ready for mass adoption."

By partnering with Advanced Battery Concepts, this company joins six existing licensees -- Crown Battery, Clarios, Enersys, Exide Industries, Trojan Battery Company, and Monbat.
Note: The parties are under a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits identification of this licensee.

About Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC
Advanced Battery Concepts LLC is a global battery technology development company based in Michigan, USA, and is the first company to successfully design a bipolar lead acid battery and develop and implement a commercially viable manufacturing process for such batteries. Advanced Battery Concepts is currently working with existing lead battery producers and engaging licensees to realize the commercial potential of its technology, as well as on-going production of batteries and additional research from its Battery Research & Engineering Development Centre in Michigan to broaden its technology portfolio.

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