Sony Launches TEOS Workplace Management Solutions in North America

PARAMUS, N.J., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the North American launch of TEOS, a suite of new workplace management solutions that gives AV, IT and facilities managers full control over devices, signage and content across the entire workplace ecosystem. From meeting rooms to reception areas, the TEOS workplace management solutions offer a simple, scalable and cost-effective way to manage facilities in corporate and education environments.

TEOS workplace management solutions are a complete suite of solutions designed to make the smart workplace a reality. Users can orchestrate their entire workspace centrally using personalized signage, efficient room booking, automated reception, and technologies to enable more efficient communication and collaboration.

The solutions come with a range of features and functionalities, including:

    --  advanced analytics
    --  mobile room-booking app for employees
    --  remote firmware updates
    --  universal remote control
    --  wayfinding capabilities
    --  the ability to manage and integrate videowall content
    --  IPTV support
    --  secure visitor check-in process

Additionally, the core workplace management solutions feature a design that includes a search bar and a "workplace solutions" section, giving AV, IT and facilities managers the ability to customize and control all add-ons.

"Managing the rising number of smart devices in modern corporate and education environments can be a real challenge for AV, IT and facilities managers," said Theresa Alesso, Pro division president, Sony Electronics. "At Sony, we pride ourselves on working closely with customers and application vendors to provide them efficient workspace management solutions such as TEOS. These solutions have already proven successful in Europe with more than 200 enterprise deployments, and we know their extensive features and benefits will provide similar value to North American companies."

TEOS Manage is the heart of the workplace where users can achieve efficiency, insight and impact through complete workplace control. Devices are optimized by saving space and time to unlock the true potential of the workforce. Companies can transform their workplace even further using the full suite of solution add-ons, including:

    --  TEOS Book - an advanced room booking solution for office meeting spaces
        that uses stylish, high-specification tablets; positioned outside each
        meeting room, TEOS Book displays a meeting room's name, availability,
        current meeting information, and a list of forthcoming meetings
    --  TEOS Reception - a highly cost-effective solution for organizations
        without a dedicated receptionist, allowing visitors to announce their
        arrival using a dedicated tablet or interactive touchscreen
    --  TEOS Connect - enables users to present wirelessly from laptops to
        Sony's BRAVIA Professional Displays; it is great for collaborative work
        sessions because there is no extra hardware needed - the technology is
        built right into pro BRAVIA models, so users are ready to go
    --  TEOS Mobile - employee mobile application for meeting management with an
        intuitive user interface; users can search and book meeting rooms from
        anywhere, without needing to be on the company network
    --  TEOS Wayfinding - wayfinding content for interactive BRAVIA and touch
        tablets helps users navigate and enables them to easily book rooms and
        access key information such as a floor map, hotspot or security
        location; this functionality, which takes the form of a floor map
        integrated into the central TEOS software, will also work for floating
        desks to facilitate a more seamless user journey throughout the working
    --  TEOS TV - empowers customers needing a corporate TV inside their company
        to easily create and manage IPTV channels; directly incorporated into
        TEOS Manage, users can capture meetings, corporate presentations or
        pertinent updates and display them across all offices through one
        central system
    --  TEOS Videowall - users can easily cut and synchronize video wall content
        in any configuration on Android BRAVIA or players for TEOS
    --  Device compatibilities - integrates with videoconferencing devices,
        including Cisco, to control and manage them remotely
    --  Languages - TEOS is available in 12 languages, including Japanese

The family of TEOS Workplace Solutions also includes a wireless Mirroring solution, a Room Booking solution, Visitor Sign-in solution, and professional corporate tablets which, in conjunction with the Workplace Management solution, help drive efficiencies and increase productivity across workplaces. Together, the suite of TEOS Workplace Solutions helps create a workplace where employees can work smarter and more efficiently.

Sony Electronics plans to begin offering TEOS Manage in North America in December 2019. To find out more about Sony's workplace management solutions, please visit

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