GryphTech Welcomes RE/MAX Egypt Back to iConnect

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- RE/MAX Egypt, with 28 offices and near 400 agents, has been a valued customer of GryphTech since 2012. The iConnect Real Estate Platform had been the tech foundation of their real estate franchise for over six years.

In July 2018, however, with new local solutions entering the market, RE/MAX Egypt opted to switch to a local CRM in place of iConnect. Like any company changing technology, they believed the move would add value. During this period, GryphTech maintained contact with RE/MAX Egypt while continuing to deliver significant enhancements to the iConnect platform and its expanding global network, including industry-first cooperation tools and best-of-breed software integrations, e.g. Google, Microsoft, DocuSign, WhatsApp and ListGlobally.

After 15 months with their new provider and careful reconsideration of their options, RE/MAX Egypt decided to return to GryphTech. In November 2019, GryphTech happily welcomed the esteemed team at RE/MAX Egypt back to iConnect!

"After a short hiatus, we are excited about returning to the new and improved iConnect platform. We know that partnering with GryphTech is a safe bet due to their long track record and the progress they have made in the last few years is very impressive. We look forward to a great partnership in the years to come!"


"We are so pleased to have RE/MAX Egypt rejoin GryphTech as a valued partner. We are committed to helping them accelerate their growth by continuing to provide powerful and innovative technology that meets their local needs."


Having customers return after exploring locally provided alternatives is not new to GryphTech. In 2014, RE/MAX Thailand left the iConnect platform for a local solution only to return in the summer of 2017. Since their return, they've experienced significant growth. Increased platform usage of 144% combined with outstanding region leadership, has resulted in a 130 time increase in sales and the addition of 26 new offices and 134 new agents. RE/MAX Thailand is now an active advocate of iConnect as a powerful tool to grow one's business.

About iConnect

iConnect is a lead to close real estate management platform helping global real estate businesses accelerate their growth. The technology is designed with flexibility at its foundation to support a wide array of global requirements and is configurable to meet each customer's unique local market needs. It is easy to use, cloud-based, mobile-friendly, multilingual, and multicurrency, with powerful tools to manage operations and administration, and facilitate cooperation, lead generation, sales and marketing, and recruitment.

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GryphTech is a global leader in real estate management technology and the preferred choice of real estate franchise networks around the world. For over 22 years, GryphTech solutions have been deployed to tens of thousands of agents located in 60+ countries and delivered in over 40 languages/currencies. Founded by international real estate authority, Carlos Matias, GryphTech is a Canadian-based company with a European office in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2019, GryphTech was recognized as a 2019 Top PropTech Solution Provider by CIO Applications Europe and was the featured cover story. Visit

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