PARRIS Law Firm: SoCalGas Depositions Uncover Shocking Facts About Porter Ranch Gas Leak, Including Presence of Uranium

PORTER RANCH, Calif., Dec. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorneys from The PARRIS Law Firm and Panish Shea & Boyle LLP filed a restitution hearing brief that highlights many disturbing facts about the hazardous chemicals that SoCalGas withheld from the public and first responders. Depositions involving SoCalGas employees and documents from the investigation by the California Public Utilities Commission document dangerous levels of PCBs and uranium at Aliso Canyon.

The depositions and documents confirm that SoCalGas and its parent Sempra Energy knowingly exposed residents, homeowners and first-responders to seriously toxic and cancer-causing chemicals without giving anyone the warnings they needed to protect their families and pets.

The filing highlighted several alarming admissions, including:

    --  Uranium was discovered in the liquids underground near the leaking well
        (at levels exceeding the maximum contaminant levels set by the EPA).
    --  Radon was in the gas at Aliso Canyon of which there are no safe levels
        of exposure.
    --  Toxic chemical Acrolein, which is a biocide, is added to the gas.
        Extremely high levels of this substance was present in the homes months
        after the blowout.
    --  PCBs are in the gas leaving Aliso Canyon.
    --  Benzene was detected during the blowout at 100,000 ppb.

"While this news might be surprising or even shocking to the general public, it is not news at all to those of us litigating this matter," said attorney R. Rex Parris of The PARRIS Law Firm. "The employees of SoCalGas have now acknowledged what we've known for quite some time, the question is - when will SoCalGas own up to its own shameful behavior?"

According to the filing, SoCalGas never listed any of these chemical compounds in its notice to the Office of Emergency Services (OES), nor did SoCalGas ever provide any estimate of the quantity of hazardous materials involved. Many of the chemicals mentioned are known carcinogens and present at dangerous levels. By failing to disclose the known chemicals and hazards presented by the SS25 blowout, SoCalGas violated the state and federal laws requiring full disclosure of all hazardous chemical releases and the potential health impacts from that release.

The Restitution Hearing Brief case info is: People of the State of California v Southern California Gas Company, Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. 6SC00433.

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