Sony Electronics Introduces New Marine Media Receiver with Impressive Sound and Smart Connectivity

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the new DSX-M80 marine media receiver, offering deep, clean sound and advanced smartphone connectivity.

"Sony's engineering expertise has brought listeners a new and improved way to experience their favorite music at sea," said Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer, Sony Electronics North America. "The DSX-M80 media receiver is designed to elevate the marine audio experience by providing astonishingly high power for a premium soundscape."

DSX-M80 Marine Media Receiver Key Features:


    --  High-power, Built-in Class D Amplifier - With a massive 4 x 100W(max.) /
        4 x 45W(RMS) built-in amplifier, the sound remains clean and powerful
        even when the volume is turned up.
    --  Sound Optimization - Digital Sound Processing (DSP) enables drivers to
        freely adjust, while creating an ideal audio field with well-balanced
        stereo sound. Time Alignment adjusts time differences to reach users'
        ears per channel while the Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) creates more
        ambient sound as if speakers were positioned right in front of the
        listener. The DSEE restores missing high-frequency sound in compressed
        music, such as MP3.
    --  EXTRA BASS(TM)(1) - Overcome engine noise with clear punchy sound at any
        volume level.
    --  Subwoofer Direct Connection - Simply connect a subwoofer directly to the
        rear channel speaker output. With a 2-ohm multiple speaker load
        option(2), users can utilize multiple speakers per channel to realize a
        powerful acoustic system with no external amplifier.
    --  FLAC Audio File Compatible - Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) compresses
        without any loss in quality; it can play back FLAC files with up to
        24-bit depth and sampling frequency at 48 kHz(3).
    --  High Voltage Pre-Out - Sony's head unit with high voltage pre-out offers
        a 5-volt signal, offering clearer sound with less distortion.


    --  UV Resistance - Sony's marine audio products are designed
        UV-resistant(4), maintaining good appearance and function even after
        prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    --  Anti-corrosive Coated Circuit Boards - Circuit boards are finished with
        anti-corrosive coating to offer durability in humid environments.
    --  System Expansion with Sony's Marine Series Speakers - Pump the bass even
        further with Sony's best-matching marine series full range speaker
        XS-MP1621, which is ideally designed for Sony head unit's class-D amp

Smartphone Connectivity:

    --  Dual Bluetooth® Connection - Pair one phone to fully access navigation,
        music and communication features, while another phone can be
        simultaneously paired to receive hands-free calls.
    --  Voice Control on Android(TM) Phones - Use voice commands to get
        directions, play music and communicate with contacts.
    --  Siri Eyes Free(5) - With Siri Eyes Free, users can ask Siri to make
        calls, select and play music, hear and compose texts, among other key
    --  "Sony | Music Center" - The "Sony | Music Center" smartphone app
        provides synchronized source integration, offering remote control over
        basic functions of head unit sources as well as navigation, music and
        other smartphone apps. With dedicated plug-in software "Advanced Car
        Audio Setting," it enables detailed sound settings with additional GUIs.


    --  3-Pre Out - For future expandability, the 3-pre out connectivity allows
        users to build a full acoustic system, including a subwoofer, a mono
        amplifier and a 4-channel amplifier for even louder and more powerful
        sound reproduction.
    --  Configurable Steering Wheel Remote Input - This feature offers general
        command protocol, which eliminates the need for an adaptor for signal
        conversion between steering wheel and the head unit.
    --  2-zone Dynamic Color Illuminator - The Dynamic Color Illuminator allows
        users to choose from up to 35,000 color variations for display
    --  Sound Synchronized Illumination - Sony's original beat sensing
        technology enables the LED to change its color based on the pressure or
        back beat of the music.
    --  High Contrast Vertical Alignment LCD - Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD
        realizes five times higher contrast and wider viewing angle than
        conventional screens, offering improved visibility.
    --  Back-up Memory(7) - Even when there is no continuous power source, the
        system can store audio settings, preset radio stations, Bluetooth®
        connections and more.

The DSX-M80 will be available in January 2020 for a suggested retail price of $259.99. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:

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(1) EXTRA BASS is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
(2) When wiring speakers/subwoofers parallel or utilizing a subwoofer with 2-ohm impedance, keep total impedance higher than 2 ohms, and make sure to leave either of the rear speaker leads open, and select "2-ohm" mode in the setting menu.
(3) Decodable file property. Reproduction through Linear PCM conversion to 16 bit / 44.1 kHz.
(4) Designed to withstand ASTM test: G154/D4329.
(5) Siri is available on iPhone 4s or later, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini and iPod touch (5(th) generation) and requires internet access. Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Cellular data charges may apply. iPhone and Siri are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
(6) Colors for both LCD and the rest of the illuminations can be assigned separately.
(7) Stored memory can be manually cancelled by initializing the unit through the setting menu.

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