Global and China Elevator Industry Analysis, 2019 to 2025, with Profiles on 12 Chinese and 7 Foreign Elevator Manufacturers -

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This report covers:

  • Global elevator industry (new elevator market, maintenance market and competitive pattern)
  • China elevator industry (new elevator market, maintenance market, competitive landscape and development tendencies)
  • The demand for elevators in China (downstream demand, demand structure, factors influencing the demand, etc.)
  • 12 Chinese and 7 foreign elevator manufacturers (operation, elevator business, investment in R&D, development strategies, among others.

About 800,000 elevators were sold across the world in 2018, up 1% from a year ago thanks to the robust demand from China, India and the United States, and the ownership of elevators rose to virtually 15.3 million sets in the year. The global sales of elevators continue an uptrend and will expectedly reach 810,000 sets in 2019 with a year-on-year increase of 1.3%.

Nowadays, the global elevator market is highly concentrated and firmly dominated by the giants like Otis, Schindler, Kone and ThyssenKrupp, and four of them held a combined 64.4% share of the world's elevator market in 2018.

On a regional basis, Asia-Pacific is a region where elevators are massively produced and consumed, and China has been the largest producer and consumer of elevators in the world. Well-known elevator brands have already established either exclusively funded or joint-stock companies there.

In 2018, approximately 485,000 elevators were sold in China, a 1% rise from a year earlier alongside the burgeoning demand from the real estate sector and rail transit, and sharing 60.6% of the global total. It is expected that in the forthcoming years China's elevator sales will continue to grow steadily under the drive of old buildings to be equipped with elevators, population aging, rail transit and real estate development, and the sales figure will jump to 610,000 sets in 2025.

Adjustments are accelerated in the Chinese elevator industry with excess capacity, and competition between elevator makers pricks up and there is an obvious tendency of small players to be forced out of business. Chinese elevator manufacturers consist mainly of Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd., Canny Elevator Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Guangri Stock Co., Ltd., SJEC Corporation, Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Meilun Elevator Co., Ltd., and IFE Elevators Co., Ltd., among which Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd., Canny Elevator Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Guangri Stock Co., Ltd. enjoys higher sales at least 10,000 sets/year apiece. In 2018, Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry sold a total of 80,753 elevators and swept the largest 16.7% share in China.

Chinese elevator maintenance market is developing by leaps and bounds with the growing ownership of elevators at home. If 5.5 million elevators in operation in 2018 and a maintenance cost of RMB8,000 per set in China are taken into account, the Chinese elevator maintenance market is currently worth RMB44 billion, a figure projected to surge to RMB64.8 billion in 2025 with the steady growth of new elevator market.

The Chinese players represented by Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd., Canny Elevator Co., Ltd., Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group Co., Ltd., IFE Elevators Co., Ltd and Dongnan Elevator Co., Ltd. have forayed into the elevator installation and maintenance areas, particularly Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry's revenue from installation and maintenance services as a percentage of more than 30% in its total revenue.

Key Topics Covered

1. Overview of Elevator Industry

1.1 Definition and Classification

1.2 Policy Environment

2. Development of Global Elevator Industry

2.1 New Elevator Market

2.1.1 Sales Volume

2.1.2 New Elevator Sales by Region

2.2 Maintenance Market

2.2.1 Elevator Ownership

2.2.2 Maintenance Market Becomes a Major Growth Engine

2.3 Competitive Landscape

2.4 Development Mode

2.4.1 Two Modes

2.4.2 Business Development in Asia-Pacific

2.4.3 Global Expansion

3. Development of China Elevator Industry

3.1 Product Structure

3.2 New Elevator Market

3.2.1 Status Quo

3.2.2 Sales Volume

3.2.3 Sales Volume of Major Enterprises

3.2.4 Market Size of Newly-installed Elevators

3.3 Maintenance Market

3.3.1 Status Quo

3.3.2 Elevator Ownership

3.3.3 Maintenance Market Size

3.3.4 Layout of Domestic Elevator Manufacturers in Maintenance Market

3.3.5 Maintenance Business Comparison between Major Enterprises

3.4 Import and Export

3.4.1 Import

3.4.2 Export

3.4.3 Import and Export Unit Price

3.5 Competitive Landscape

3.5.1 Layout of Foreign Brands in China

3.5.2 Financing of Local Enterprises

3.5.3 Operating Result Comparison between Major Enterprises

3.6 Summary & Forecast

3.6.1 New Elevator Keeps Growing Sales

3.6.2 Intelligent Manufacturing to Become Transformation Direction of Elevator Enterprises

3.6.3 Maintenance Service to realize industrialization

3.6.4 Industry concentration to be enhanced further

3.6.5 Old Building Equipped with An Elevator Brings Vast Room for Development

4. Demand of China Elevator Industry

4.1 Downstream Demand Structure

4.2 Demand Composition

4.3 Influencing Factors

4.3.1 Real Estate Sector

4.3.2 Urbanization

4.3.3 Aging Population

4.3.4 Urban Rail Transit

4.3.5 Renewal and Upgrading of Old Elevators

5. Key Elevator Companies in China

5.1 Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co. Ltd.

5.1.1 Profile

5.1.2 Operation

5.1.3 Revenue Structure

5.1.4 Gross Margin

5.1.5 Elevator Business

5.1.6 Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co. Ltd.

5.1.7 Mitsubishi Electric Shanghai Electric Elevator Co. Ltd.

5.1.8 R&D Investment

5.1.9 Development Strategy

5.2 Guangzhou Guangri Stock Co. Ltd.

5.3 Canny Elevator Co. Ltd.

5.4 SJEC Corporation

5.5 Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group Co. Ltd.

5.6 Dongnan Elevator Co. Ltd.

5.7 Shandong Bunse Elevator Co. Ltd.

5.8 Hunan Sida Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd.

5.9 Rhine Elevator

5.10 Shenlong Elevator Co. Ltd.

5.11 Zhejiang Meilun Elevator Co. Ltd.

5.12 IFE Elevators Co. Ltd.

6. Key Foreign Elevator Companies

6.1 Otis

6.1.1 Profile

6.1.2 Operation

6.1.3 Orders

6.1.4 Development in China

6.1.5 Otis Electric

6.1.6 Elevator Orders of Otis Electric

6.2 Hitachi

6.3 Schindler

6.4 ThyssenKrupp

6.5 Toshiba

6.6 Fujitec

6.7 Kone

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