WSGF Enters $1.5 Trillion Global Travel Industry With New Sharing Economy Application

DALLAS, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WSGF, Inc. (aka World Series of Golf, Inc.) (USOTC: WSGF) today released an overview of Vaycaychella, the sharing economy, vacation industry technology business WSGF recently acquired. Vaycaychella has been in operation for approximately two years prior to the acquisition announced last week. In addition to its unique vacation industry paradigm, Vaycaychella brings a $10 million real estate backed asset to WSGF. Vaycaychella is a sharing economy prequel to existing sharing economy applications such as Airbnb and Instead of connecting vacation property owners with would be vacation renters through applications like Airbnb and, Vaycaychella empowers people to become vacation property owners in the first place. Vaycaychella's core offering provides users with access to financing to acquire vacation properties and then enjoy generating income from vacation renters through applications like Airbnb and

Vaycaychella Overview

Vaycaychella has been in operation for over two years and has already financed the acquisition of approximately $10 million in vacation properties through its unique vacation property lending approach. All the current properties are located in Caribbean vacation areas. Vaycaychella comes with a mortgage portfolio backed by the $10 million in vacation properties. Under WSGF, Vaycaychella will digitize its unique lending approach into a mobile device app and expand upon its internal lending capacity by connecting with peer-to-peer lenders. The Vaycaychella app will be available all over the world for the acquisition of properties all over the world.

Vaycaychella Economic Empowerment Opportunity

The shared economy was reported in a recent Forbes article to have been a $15 billion market in 2014 projected to reach $335 billion by 2025. The Sharing economy is an economic model based on peer-to-peer (P2P) activity where pears share access to goods and services through a community based on-line platform. The shared economy is sometimes called the shareconomy, collaborative consumption, collaborative economy, or peer economy. Sharing economies create

value by utilizing underused assets whereby the underused physical assets are shared as services. Lyft and Uber are examples of car sharing services. Private vehicles go unused for 95% of their lifetime. Airbnb and are examples of underused physical housing assets being used as alternatives to hotels.

The sharing economy is growing rapidly. An estimated $23 billion in venture capital funding has been invested into the market since 2010. Global travel industry is seeing much of that investment. The global travel industry has annual revenue over $1.5 trillion making it one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world accounting for over 10% of global GDP.

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So, the sharing economy is empowering those with existing underutilized housing assets to otherwise generate revenue from those assets through platforms such as Airbnb and But what about those with the time, energy and inclination to engage underutilized housing assets in the vacation industry sharing economy that don't have the good fortune of owning underutilized assets. For instance, what about the 20-year hotel management industry veteran collecting just a salary from Hilton or Marriott, or the 20-year American Airlines call center agent veteran booking travel for American Airlines customers all over the world. Both know the travel industry up one side and down the other and could utilize their career experience to work for themselves and supplement or replace their income if only they owned a vacation property asset. Vayacaychella wants to provide those with the vacation industry know how with the resources they need to become a vacation industry business owner managing their own properties. Where Airbnb and provide online platforms for those with properties to connect with those that want to utilize the properties, Vaycaychella wants to connect individuals with financing to acquire vacation properties in the first place.

Vaycaychella Social Responsibility Opportunity

Vaycaychella is happy to encourage vacation property purchasers to pursue opportunities in exotic developing economic regions where they can get a good buy on an up and coming region and contribute to stimulating the local economy of a developing economic region by creating jobs. Cuba is a great example of this type of concentration. Post hurricane Puerto Rico is another example. Safari locations in Africa are good examples. Beach locations in Vietnam are another. There is no shortage of good examples. Consider at the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula over the last 50 years as a model. Look at Cancun to Tulum 50 years ago and now. Look at the differences in local residence lifestyle over one generation in the Yucatan. Vaycaychella believes its long-term success will be closely aligned with the opportunity to connect social responsibility and vacation fun and the ability to profit by becoming a vacation property owner or a peer to peer lender empowering the vacation property owner.

In further updates, WSGF has initiated efforts to update its public disclosures with the objective of meeting OTC Markets "Current Information Standard" reporting requirements. Coming updates will also include plans for the company's existing sports and entertainment assets.

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