Chakaka Primary School in Malawi, Winner of One Million Liters

VALENCIA, Spain, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Two months after its launch, the One Million Liters initiative, which invited people to join the Sustainable Denim Revolution, now has a beneficiary: the Chakaka Primary School in Benga, Malawi.

One of the greatest problems in the textile industry is the excessive consumption of water. Taking on the challenge of shifting towards responsible processes, Tejidos Royo has been working in collaboration with Gaston Systems Inc. and Indigo Mill Designs (IMD) on its pioneering Dry Indigo® technology. This has allowed it to eliminate the use of water 100% from the indigo thread dyeing process, which is an important milestone in the textile industry.

Jose Rafael Royo, member of board, explains that, "At Tejidos Royo we are acutely aware of the impact we have on the environment and we have been working to make good our commitment to our surroundings and to meet the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that the stakeholders in each industry have to play a leading role in creating a landscape for change, so we decided to develop Dry Indigo®, which opens up a fantastic path for the whole textile industry towards sustainability."

To achieve these aims and to spread its values, Tejidos Royo created the One Million Liters initiative, an international campaign that offered users from around the globe the chance to nominate a charitable cause to receive the donation of the one million liters saved using the Dry Indigo® technology.

Following the panel's deliberation and vote, made up of outstanding professionals, the winning charitable cause was Chakaka Primary School, run by the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle.

The project aims to build a well and installing a pump that ensures a permanent supply of drinking water at the school. As a result, they will have all the water needed for drinking and cooking, as well as to clean the installations, thereby improving hygiene and sanitation which is necessary in order to prevent the spread of diseases.

So, Tejidos Royo hopes that this first call for a Sustainable Denim Revolution is just the beginning of a long process moving towards being an ethical industry.

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