Funding Texas Hemp; TDA Hemp Program Fundraiser Hosted by Texas Hemp Harvesters Association

Next Wednesday, January 29th, the first funds will be raised to support administration and enforcement of TDA’s Hemp Program for 2020. Since the passage of HB1325, TDA and DSHS have worked furiously to devise regulations that fit in the small window left by federal agencies and state legislation. Within 60-90 days hundreds of license applications are expected to be submitted for review, and there is currently no budget to pay for review or administration for this newly developed and self-funded program.

Texas Hemp Harvesters Association (TXHHA), along with members Coats Rose Law Firm, Eco Friends Pest Control, and Piney Woods Hemp Co., has organized a networking happy hour for all businesses planning to apply for a hemp license. This event coincides with the Texas Hemp Convention also being held in Dallas, which is expected to draw 10,000+ attendees.

The event will be held from 4:00 - 8:00 pm at Eddie Dean’s BBQ one block from the Dallas Convention Center next Wednesday, Jan. 29th. The team is excited to provide a B2B event that promotes collaboration, encourages regional supply chain development, and ultimately supports the state hemp program. Everyone planning to work with hemp in 2020 should attend. Register Now at

“We are honored to educate Texans on the current regulations and provide donations that support the Texas Hemp Industry in 2020,” expressed Hannah Wilner, Executive Director of TXHHA.

TXHHA is a (501c 6) non-profit committed to providing insightful, actionable education, building responsible supply chains, and developing the industrial market for Texas. Find out more at