Tools and Accessories Market Insights & Projections to 2025

DUBLIN, Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Hand Tools and Accessories - Global Strategic Business Report" report has been added to's offering.

Hand Tools and Accessories market, worldwide, is projected to grow by US$5.4 Billion, driven by a compounded growth of 3.6%.

Mechanics' Service Tools, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, displays the potential to grow at over 3.8%. The shifting dynamics supporting this growth makes it critical for businesses in this space to keep abreast of the changing pulse of the market. Poised to reach over US$12.9 Billion by the year 2025, Mechanics' Service Tools will bring in healthy gains adding significant momentum to global growth.

Representing the developed world, the United States will maintain a 3% growth momentum. Within Europe, which continues to remain an important element in the world economy, Germany will add over US$215.3 Million to the region's size and clout in the next 5 to 6 years. Over US$298.4 Million worth of projected demand in the region will come from Rest of Europe markets.

In Japan, Mechanics' Service Tools will reach a market size of US$1.1 Billion by the close of the analysis period. As the world's second largest economy and the new game changer in global markets, China exhibits the potential to grow at 5.4% over the next couple of years and add approximately US$933.2 Million in terms of addressable opportunity for the picking by aspiring businesses and their astute leaders.

Presented in visually rich graphics are these and many more need-to-know quantitative data important in ensuring quality of strategy decisions, be it entry into new markets or allocation of resources within a portfolio. Several macroeconomic factors and internal market forces will shape growth and development of demand patterns in emerging countries in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

All research viewpoints presented are based on validated engagements from influencers in the market, whose opinions supersede all other research methodologies.

Key Topics Covered




    --  Industry Background
    --  Evolution of the Industry
    --  Hand Tools Remain Vital in the Modern Mechanical Era
    --  A Secure Niche for Hand Tools, Despite the Growing Threat of Powered
        Tools: Percentage Share Breakdown of Hand Tools and Power Tools in the
        Global Tools Market for the Year 2019
    --  Stable Outlook Governs Future Prospects in the Hand Tools Market
    --  Global Economic Outlook: Real GDP Growth Rates in % by Country/Region
        forthe Years 2017 through 2020
    --  Developing Markets: The Focal Point for Future Growth
    --  Competition
    --  Hand Tools and Accessories Competitor Market Share Scenario Worldwide
        (in %): 2019
    --  Product Profile
    --  Mechanics' Service Tools
    --  Pliers
    --  Hammers
    --  Wrenches
    --  Screwdrivers
    --  Edge Tools
    --  Axe
    --  Adze
    --  Hatchets
    --  Chisels
    --  Paint & Masonry Tools
    --  Other Segments
    --  Shovel
    --  Spades
    --  Hoes
    --  Rakes
    --  Accessories
    --  Sandpaper

    --  Different Designs & Features for Different Regions


    --  Akar Tools Ltd. (India)
    --  Apex Tool Group (USA)
    --  Channellock Inc. (USA)
    --  Emerson Electric Co. (USA)
    --  Greenlee (USA)
    --  Gray Tools Canada Inc. (Canada)
    --  Ideal Industries, Inc. (USA)
    --  Irwin Tools (USA)
    --  J.K. Files (India) Limited (India)
    --  Kennametal Inc. (USA)
    --  Klein Tools Inc. (USA)
    --  Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. (USA)
    --  Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation (USA)
    --  Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
    --  Pilana Tools Group (Czech Republic)
    --  Snap-On Incorporated (USA)
    --  Stanley Black & Decker (USA)
    --  Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (USA)

    --  Wera Tools (Germany)


    --  Occupational Ergonomics: The Primary Factor Driving Innovation in the
        Hand Tools Market
    --  Growing Incidence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)
        Drives the Emphasis on Ergonomically Designed Hand Tools: Number of MSDs
        in the United States Per 10,000 Full Time Workers by Industry Sector for
        the Year 2018
    --  Multitask Hand Tools Grow in Prominence
    --  APEX BOLT Action Titanium Pen, the Next Generation Tactical Multi-Tool
        Pen from ZEROHOUR
    --  Focus on Productivity in Lightweight Manufacturing to Spur Demand for
        Intelligently Designed Hand Tools
    --  Non-Magnetic and Non-Sparking Hand Tools Make Perfect Sense for High
        Energy and Electrical Component Applications
    --  As Competition Heats up, Companies Keep Afloat with Product Innovations
    --  Bionic Grip from LoggerHead Tools
    --  Dewalt's DWHT56148 Engineering Hammer
    --  Douglas Tools' TC20-DP Framing Hammer
    --  Klecker Knives' Klax Lumberjack Axe Head
    --  Leveraxe Axe
    --  Sven-Saw, an Ergonomically Designed Cutting Tool
    --  Shovel Blades from Hisco
    --  Mechanics' Service Tools: The Largest Product Market to Witness Strong
    --  Strong Demand for Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services Drives Growth
        of Vehicle Mechanics Tools
    --  Robustly Growing Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services Market Ranks
        as a Positive Macro Trend Driving Demand for Mechanics' Service Tools in
        the Automotive Sector: Global Market for Automotive Repair and
        Maintenance Services (In US$ Billion) by Segment for the Years 2018,
        2020 and 2022
    --  Growth in Aircraft MRO Expands the Addressable Market for Aviation
        General Mechanic's Tools
    --  Projected Increase in Aircraft MRO to Spur Demand Opportunities for
        Aviation Hand Tools: Global MRO Spending (In US$ Billion) by Segment for
        the Years 2019 & 2024
    --  Machinery Maintenance & Heavy Equipment Repair Drives Demand for
        Mechanic's Service Tools in the Industrial Sector
    --  Aging Plant Machinery with Heavy Repair & Maintenance Burden to Spur
        Opportunities for Hand Tools Used in the Industrial Sector: Average Age
        of Industrial Equipment (In Years) in the Private Sector in the United
        States for the Years 1980, 2000 and 2018
    --  Growth of World Construction Industry Higher than Global GDP, Spells
        Opportunities for Hand Tools Used by Construction Workers
    --  Projected Increase in Construction Investments & a Parallel Expansion in
        Construction Workforce to Spur Demand for Construction Hand Tools: World
        Construction Industry (in US$ Trillion) for the Years 2017, 2019 & 2022
    --  Rise in D.I.Y Home Improvement, Gardening and Landscaping Projects to
        Spur Growth in the Hand Tools Market
    --  Growing Prominence of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Culture Provides a Firm
        Growth Platform for Hand Tools in the Consumer Market: Global DIY/Home
        Improvement Turnover (In US$ Billion) for Years 2016, 2018 & 2020
    --  Average Cost, Savings & Return on Investment (ROI) on DIY Home
        Improvement Projects in the United States
    --  Global Hand Tools Purchases in the Consumer Segment (2019): Percentage
        Breakdown by Age Group
    --  Intelligent CAD Technology Enables the Development of Ergonomically
        Designed Hand Tools
    --  E-Retailing Expands Growth Opportunities
    --  Factors Influencing Online Purchase Decision - Percentage Share
        Breakdown by Consumer Preferences

    --  Growing Competition from Power Tools: A Market Dampener




Companies Mentioned

    --  Acha Herramientas De Precision, Sl
    --  Adolf Wurth Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Aimco Global
    --  Ajax Tool Works
    --  Akar Auto Tools Ltd.
    --  Alltrade Tools Llc
    --  Alyco Tools Sa
    --  Andreas Maier Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Apex Tool Group
    --  Artex
    --  ASW - Andreas Heuel Gmbh
    --  Atlas Copco Ab
    --  August Graef Gnu Gmbh
    --  Augusta-Heckenrose Werkzeugfabriken Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Band-It Idex
    --  Bedford Saw & Tool Company
    --  Beta Tools (Uk)
    --  Bison - Grossschonauer Werkzeugschmiede Gmbh
    --  Black Jack India
    --  Brinko Werkzeugfabrik Fellermann Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  C.S. Osborne & Co.
    --  Carl Kammerling International Ltd.
    --  Castle Brooke Tools (Uk) Ltd.
    --  Caverio Angelo Snc
    --  Central Tools, Inc.
    --  Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    --  Chang Yung Metal Work Co., Ltd.
    --  Channellock, Inc.
    --  Chillington Tools
    --  Chinsing Industries Co., Ltd.
    --  Cimco-Werkzeugfabrik Carl Jul. Muller Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Corona Tools
    --  Crossman Tool Co., Ltd.
    --  Crown Hand Tools Ltd.
    --  Daniels Manufacturing Corporation
    --  Deprag Schulz Gmbh U. Co.
    --  Diversitech Corporation
    --  Dorian Drake International, Inc.
    --  EGA Master Sl
    --  Eh Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd.
    --  Eklind Tool Company
    --  Elora Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh
    --  Emerson Electric Co. (Greenlee Tools, Inc.)
    --  Enerpac Tool Group
    --  Ess Pee Industrial Corporation
    --  Estwing Manufacturing Co., Inc.
    --  Excelta Corporation
    --  Felco Sa
    --  Felo-Werkzeugfabrik Holland-Letz Gmbh
    --  Ferval Srl
    --  Fiskars Group
    --  Fletcher Business Group
    --  Footprint Sheffield Ltd.
    --  Formosa Tools Co., Ltd.
    --  G-Man Tools Ab
    --  G. Adolf Lemp & Co., Gmbh
    --  Gedore Uk
    --  Gedore Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  General Tools & Instruments Llc
    --  Gray Tools Canada, Inc.
    --  Great Neck Saw
    --  Great Valley Tools Pty., Ltd. (Metal Pecker)
    --  Griffon Corporation
    --  Grip-On-Tools Sa
    --  Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co., Ltd.
    --  Harbor Freight Tools
    --  Hazet-Werk - Hermann Zerver Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Hebei Sinotools Industrial Co., Ltd.
    --  Herramientas Agricolas, S.A.
    --  Himmelberger Zeughammerwerk Leonard Mller & Shne Gmbh
    --  Howarth Timber Group Ltd.
    --  Hyde Tools, Inc.
    --  Ideal Industries, Inc.
    --  Infar Industrial Co., Ltd.
    --  Irwin Tools
    --  Jcbl India Pvt. Ltd.
    --  Jet Tools North America
    --  Jetech Tool Co. Ltd.
    --  Jk Files (India) Ltd.
    --  Johann Offner Verwaltung Und Vertrieb Gmbh
    --  JPW Industries
    --  K&W Tools Co., Ltd.
    --  Kennametal, Inc.
    --  King Jaws Metal Co., Ltd.
    --  King Lugger, Inc.
    --  King Spark Hardware & Tool Corporation
    --  Kirchhoff Group
    --  Klein Tools, Inc.
    --  Klenk Tools
    --  Knipex-Werk C. Gustav Putsch Kg
    --  Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. (Ktc)
    --  Lang Tools
    --  Lasher Tools South Africa
    --  Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.
    --  Lecureux Ag
    --  Lee Valley Tools Ltd.
    --  Linbide
    --  Lowe's Companies
    --  Lucky-Brand Industrial Co., Ltd.
    --  Malco Products, Sbc
    --  Manufacturas Gove Sl
    --  Manutan Uk Ltd.
    --  Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.
    --  Mayhew Steel Products, Inc.
    --  Midwest Tool & Cutlery Co.
    --  Milwaukee Tool
    --  Mob Mondelin Sas
    --  Monument Tools Ltd.
    --  Motion Pro, Inc.
    --  Narex Bystrice Sro
    --  Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
    --  Northern Tool + Equipment
    --  Nupla Corporation
    --  Oetiker Schweiz Ag
    --  Orbis Will Gmbh + Co. Kg
    --  OX Tools Au Pty Ltd.
    --  Pacific Handy Cutter
    --  Parget Industrial Co., Ltd.
    --  Park Tool Co.
    --  Paul Dreiner Verwaltungs Ug (Haftungsbeschrankt) & Co. Kg
    --  PB Swiss Tools Ag
    --  Peter Bausch Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Pilana Tools A.S.
    --  Power Most Industrial Co., Ltd.
    --  Power Products, Llc
    --  Q.E.P. Co., Inc.
    --  Quinn Group
    --  Red Devil, Inc.
    --  Reed Manufacturing Company
    --  Ridgid Tool Company
    --  Robert Bosch Gmbh
    --  Schwan Werkzeuge
    --  Se Tools
    --  Sk Hand Tool Llc
    --  SNA Europe Group (Bahco)
    --  Snap-On, Inc.
    --  Soteck Corporation
    --  Southwire Company Llc
    --  Spear & Jackson Uk Ltd.
    --  Stahlwille Eduard Wille Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
    --  Stanley Black & Decker France Sas
    --  Lenox Corporation
    --  Stihl, Inc.
    --  Super Tool Co., Ltd.
    --  Surewerx
    --  Sutton Tools Pty. Ltd.
    --  Sykes Pickavant Ltd.
    --  Techtronic Industries Co., Ltd.
    --  The Ames Companies, Inc.
    --  The Lincoln Electric Company
    --  Truper S.A. De Cv
    --  Victorinox Ag
    --  Wera Werkzeuge Gmbh
    --  Wiha Werkzeuge Gmbh
    --  Wilde Tool Co., Inc.
    --  Wilh. Putsch Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Wolfcraft Gmbh
    --  Wright Tool Company
    --  Wuro Wilhelm Uebach Gmbh & Co. Kg
    --  Wrth France Sa
    --  Zephyr Tool Group

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