Munchkin's Milkmakers® Joins With Olympian Alysia Montaño To Celebrate The #UltimateMakers... Every Mother-To-Be

VAN NUYS, Calif., Feb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Being queasy ain't easy, and with the American Pregnancy Association estimating that more than 50 percent of expectant women will experience symptoms like nausea and heartburn(1), Milkmakers®, the leading lactation cookie brand, has unveiled a new batch of products to help mamas-to-be say goodbye to the discomfort and hello to sweet relief! With the Milkmakers new prenatal line, mamas-to-be will find only the best for their bump including the only nausea relief drops made with choline and folic acid and a belly balm that rolls on smoothly for a mess-free application.

Milkmakers' prenatal items were designed for expectant moms to bring on the bump, knowing that they are accomplishing the most extraordinary feat of having a baby while achieving goals and living their most authentic lives. From business makers to style makers and everything in between, they are the ultimate makers. In celebration, the brand is raising a bottle (of milk) and launching their #UltimateMakers campaign. The program will kick off with an Instagram Live session on February 6th at 8:00pmEST/5:00pmPST that will discuss all things pregnancy and pay tribute to the many ways that expectant mothers are "making it." Featured participants will include:

    --  Olympian Alysia Montaño who is currently pregnant with her third child
        and competed in both the 2014 and 2017 USA Outdoor Track and Field
        Championships while expecting; Alysia is also a staunch advocate in the
        fight for gender equality in professional sports.
    --  Dr. Christine Sterling, a board-certified OBGYN who specializes in
        prenatal care.
    --  Lizzette Perez who made headlines for running the 2019 Boston Marathon
        while 8 months pregnant.

"I am thrilled to join Milkmakers as they honor the ultimate makers; expectant mothers-to-be," said Alysia Montaño. "Pregnancy - although beautiful - can be tough, and I am proud to partner with a brand that is committed to creating products that help women continue on their journey of making it - whatever 'it' may be."

Milkmakers new line of prenatal products includes:

Milkmakers® Nausea Relief Drops: Bring on the bump -- and take on the nausea. The fast-acting, doctor-recommended formula is made with ginger, a natural nausea fighter, plus good-for-baby ingredients like choline and folic acid to support their growth.

Milkmakers® Prenatal Tea: Tea parties for two should have a tea with pregnancy-safe ingredients and that is mild enough to help keep you hydrated when you cannot keep anything down. Milkmakers Prenatal Tea is unflavored for easier digestion and soothing occasional nausea and heartburn. So pour yourself some tea for two and take it tea-sy.

Milkmakers® All-Natural Belly Balm: As you nurture your bump from the inside, Milkmakers All-Natural Belly Balm nurtures it on the outside. Made with 100% natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter - and with a hands-free application that leaves no messy residue on growing bellies - this balm is safe to use every day, so you can pamper your skin throughout your pregnancy.

"With our Milkmakers line, we strive to provide mothers with the very best products for them and for their baby," said Steven Dunn, CEO and Founder of Munchkin, Inc. "We're thrilled that we've been able to expand our portfolio with innovative and safe prenatal items so that we can now serve the needs of expectant parents and support them on the very exciting journey to parenthood."

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To join the #UltimateMakers Instagram Live discussion, please follow @munchkininc on Instagram and tune in to their handle on Thursday, February 6th at 8:00pmEST/5:00pmPST.

About Milkmakers

Milkmakers was created for moms, by a mom after she struggled to maintain her breastmilk supply upon returning to work. Years later, Milkmakers is the leading lactation cookie brand and the manufacturer of other innovative sweet solutions - including lactation teas and bars - designed to support mothers on their breastfeeding journey and enable them to "Bring On The Milk."

About Munchkin

California-based Munchkin has been providing parents with innovative products for 30 years. A global leader in children's feeding & care products, Munchkin has 261 patents to-date and has earned more than 180 product awards. Munchkin products are sold in more than 45 countries around the world. Munchkin is on a mission to be the most loved baby lifestyle brand in the world.

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