20% Of Couples Feeling Unsatisfied This Valentine's Day Consider Breaking Up

MIAMI, Feb. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ella Paradis, leading online retailer of sexual health and wellness products, conducted a post Valentine's Day survey of 1,200 individuals to observe the impact this holiday sustained on their relationships. This study revealed 14.3% of participants felt unsatisfied with their partners this Valentine's Day, and 20% of those left feeling unsatisfied either broke up or considered breaking up with their partners. While most consider Valentine's Day a "Hallmark Holiday," it seems the fate of couples are more dependent on it than most believe.

"If couples were left feeling unsatisfied with their partner this Valentine's Day, there most likely is a plethora of underlying issues within their relationship, and this holiday just so happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back," remarked Tino Dietrich, CEO of Ella Paradis.

Dietrich's observation seems to also be backed by findings uncovered in this study. While 14.3% of participants noted they felt unsatisfied with their partner this holiday, 70% noted they did not let their partner know. While the ins and outs of their relationships were not part of this study, one can conclude this lack of communication most likely runs rampant in other areas of their relationships.

"When it comes to communication, one of the easiest ways to start the practice of open dialogue with your partner is in the bedroom. Once you start communicating openly to your partner about your sexual needs and desires, you find it becomes much more natural and organic to discuss other issues unrelated to sex," explained Dietrich.

One of the quickest and most effective ways to practice open dialogue in the bedroom has revealed itself as discussing vibrator usage in and out of the bedroom with your partner. In a recent study published in the journal Psychology & Sexuality researchers concluded, "women who reported using vibrators both by themselves and with their partner were more likely to agree with statements such as 'My partner has no difficulty in talking to me about his or her sexual feelings and desires' and 'I seldom feel embarrassed when talking about the details of our sex life with my partner.'" This shows us partners who communicate regarding sex toy usage, find it easier to communicate about other areas of their relationship as well.

To curate open dialogue with your partner all year round and not just on special holidays, consider incorporating sex toys into your sex life with your partner. Ella Paradis provides users with a plethora of educational content and products to suit the needs of all types of couples whether straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, queer, etc. They even sell top rated sex toys like the Womanizer Premium, We-Vibe SYNC, and Better Love collection.

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