Sider Now Part of GitHub's Student Developer Pack

TOKYO, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sleeek Corporation (hereafter Sleeek), a global provider of solutions to improve productivity in software development, has had its code review support service, Sider, adopted by GitHub's Student Developer Pack. The announcement was made by GitHub on February 25th, Pacific Time. GitHub Students (students who utilize GitHub) will have access to the full paid tier of Sider, free of charge. Computer programming students will be provided the opportunity to learn better quality code through independent use of Sider.

Sider, a code review support service that works in conjunction with GitHub, is a service of Sleeek. It analyzes source code, and automatically recognizes problems in the codebase, as well as detect and notify developers of items that need attention. It reduces the time required to review code, as well as contribute to team growth and improve software quality. It is utilized in more than 34 countries globally.

Sider has been available free of charge to students and educational institutions for some time, however, it has now been adopted by GitHub as part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack, allowing for greater global reach. The GitHub Student Developer Pack is one that allows students to access numerous developer services and tools free of charge. With GitHub's adoption of Sider, Sleeek has become the first Japanese software company to provide such a service in this space.

Sleeek wishes to better society by supporting the learning and improving the productivity of software engineering teams.

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Sleeek, provides solutions to improve the productivity of software engineering teams. Our core product, 'Sleeek', provides better awareness and insights based on engineering metrics for project managers and scrum masters. We also provide 'Sider', an automated source code review service for software engineers. Web site:

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