The Gender Pay Gap in Tech: Dice report reveals significant pay and benefit discrepancies in technology that transcend occupations, regions and states across the U.S.

NEW YORK, March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) announced today that Dice, its leading career hub for technology professionals, has released their Gender Pay Gap in Tech report just days before 2020's International Women's Day.

Women in technology are paid less and receive less of their desired benefits than their male counterparts, even when controlling for education, experience, occupation and location. Dice's report explores unequal pay in the tech industry, satisfaction levels and benefits that matter most by gender, and what tech employers can do to bridge the gap.

"The technology field continues to struggle to offer equal pay and applicable benefits to women. When employers work to build a fairly compensated gender-diverse workplace, they inevitably create a more positive work culture with a wider range of ideas and creative solutions to address business needs and challenges," said Michelle Marian, CMO for DHI Group, Inc., parent company to Dice. "In publishing our report, Dice aims to foster important conversations to aid in eliminating compensation and benefit inequity across tech occupations."

Substantial pay difference across occupations
The Gender Gap in Tech illustrates that at the occupational level, a wide range of pay disparity exists for both seasoned roles, such as Software Engineer, and roles with growing momentum and business-need, such as Data Engineer (both roles pay women $9K less than men, annually).

    --  Female Data Architects make $13K less than males in the same role
    --  Female Database Administrators make $11K less
    --  Female Data Scientists make $10K less
    --  Female Security Engineers make $7K less

Salary disparity across the U.S.
For all eight featured U.S. regions, men earn more than women. The Rocky Mountain region had the largest differential ($9,720 annually), followed by the Great Lakes ($8,653). The Southwest had the smallest pay gap at $4,086(1) annually. Similar salary variances exist at the state level with the largest discrepancy in Utah, where on average, men make nearly $17,000 more than women each year. Men are also paid more in states with prominent tech hubs like New York ($9K more annually) and California ($5K more). Minnesota is the only state where female technologists are paid more than males ($4K more annually).(2)

Benefits miss the mark
Women and men place equal or near-equal satisfaction and value on many of the core benefits that the tech industry has come to expect, such as health and dental insurance, paid vacation days and 401(k) matching/pension. However, women place higher importance on a number of emerging benefits that men are less interested in: remote/flex options (77% of women deem important, compared to 72% of men); college tuition reimbursement (49% women, 44% men); paid volunteer opportunities (38% women, 29% men); wellness programs (46% women, 41% men); and maternity/paternity leave (45% women, 40% men).

While both women and men largely receive the same benefits at a given company, women seek different benefits than men, and therefore experience larger gaps in benefits desired versus benefits offered:

    --  Remote/flex options: 26% gap between benefits desired vs. benefits
        offered (4% more of a gap than men reported)
    --  College tuition reimbursement: 22% gap (3% more of a gap than men)
    --  Paid volunteer opportunities: 20% gap (7% more of a gap than men)

"When we work to eliminate bias from our workplace culture by improving gender equality, we foster empowerment and contribution among employees. In order to grow an inclusive work environment, in addition to compensation, employers would be well advised to consider offering a wide array of benefits that matter most to women specifically," said Art Zeile, CEO of DHI Group, parent company to Dice.

(1 )Differentials that are less than $5K are not statistically significant
(2) Differentials that are less than $5K are not statistically significant

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About the Report

    --  Research conducted by Cypress Research Group; methodology available in
        full report.
    --  Note on Gender: Survey respondents chose from the following gender
        categories: "female", "male", "non-binary/third-gender", "other" and
        "prefer not to say". Only "female" and "male" netted statistically
        significant responses.

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