hiSky Partners With ST Engineering iDirect to Enable IoT Over Satellite

WASHINGTON, March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- hiSky Ltd., hiSky aims to be the world's leading provider of satellite-connected IoT services, bringing its innovative integrated terminal and cloud-based processing technology to the rapidly expanding satellite-based M2M/IoT communications market. The solution to be offered in conjunction with ST Engineering iDirect will enable their mature network of service-provider partners to leverage their existing GEO satellite capacity to reduce costs and time-to-market associated with building and launching new IoT service through an innovative Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach.

The hiSky solution utilizes a family of compact, lightweight IoT terminals that feature a tightly-integrated satellite modem and flat-panel antenna design in Ka-band or Ku-band variants. The initial IoT offering includes Low Data Rate (LDR) and Medium Data Rate (MDR) service for deployment within both fixed and mobile environments. Leveraging integrated flat-panel technology, the Smartellite(TM) family of terminals allows for transmitting and receiving IoT/M2M data through GEO satellites in both the Ka and Ku bands. The Smartellite(TM) terminals are designed from the outset to meet the extremely high speeds of LEO satellites, and to perform quick handover between GEO and LEO satellites, without losing connectivity, offering customers a future-proofed solution.

As a critical component of the cloud-based system, the solution relies on hiSky360, a comprehensive Network Management System (NMS) being developed in hiSky UK. hiSky360 comprises of a Network Operation Center, an operations portal and an interface through which service providers can monitor and administer the hiSky platform and its components. At the core of the VNO-oriented solution, hiSky360's Network Operations Center provides the link between the platform resources and subscribers; enabling impact analysis of ongoing operations as well as planned maintenance. The system also provides OSS and BSS functionality for partners allowing them to manage, deploy and bill IoT service plans for tens of thousands of terminals.

Mr. John Arnold, Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development at ST Engineering iDirect said, "The hiSky solution is a robust, highly scalable, geostationary-based (GEO) satellite solution. With this flexible platform-as-a-service model, our customers will be able to rapidly enable their existing satellite gateways through a range of creative business models to reduce the upfront capital investments and operational complexities traditionally faced when creating their own IoT platforms. This will help to speed up their time to market to capture new opportunities."

Mr. Yaron Shachar, hiSky's Chief Business Officer said, "We are honored to partner with ST Engineering iDirect. It is our privilege to establish the first global Virtual Satellite Network and to expand it using the iDirect and Newtec platforms. hiSky's cutting edge technology combined with ST Engineering iDirect's established VSAT platforms will provide service providers the best value for their money and immediate market access. We believe that this partnership will expand the hiSky solution globally and allow hiSky to bring additional new innovations to the market."

About hiSky:

hiSky provides an innovative satellite communication network system that enables robust, low-cost satellite services for a large number of users that are spread all over the globe. The network comprises of satellite terminals and hub base stations, a mobile application, IoT/M2M interface and application servers, the network is operating using GEO and LEO satellites.

hiSky products are suited for both commercial IoT and Voice/Data. The system architecture enables a flexible business model to either provide the full service or to provide terminals and hub equipment depending on the customer requirements. The entire technology integrated in hiSky products is developed in-house, this allows us to adopt specific customer requirements and respond quickly to market demands.

About ST Engineering iDirect

ST Engineering iDirect, a subsidiary of ST Engineering North America, is a global leader in satellite communications providing technology and solutions that enable its customers to optimize their networks, differentiate their services and profitably expand their businesses. With the recent acquisition of Newtec, a recognized industry pioneer, the combined business unites over 35 years of innovation focused on solving satellite's most critical economic and technology challenges, and expands a shared commitment to shaping the future of how the world connects. The product portfolio, branded under the names iDirect and Newtec, represents the highest standards in performance, efficiency and reliability, making it possible for our customers to deliver the best connectivity experience anywhere in the world. ST Engineering iDirect is the world's largest TDMA enterprise VSAT manufacturer and is the leader in key industries including broadcast, mobility and military/government. In 2007, iDirect Government was formed to better serve the U.S. government and defense communities.

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