Indiana Packers Corporation Selects Mighty You for Continuous Performance Management

LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Indiana Packers Corporation has selected Mighty You as their provider of employee goals and feedback software. The company's decision to implement Mighty You was based on the software's expected impact on team member adoption and "consumer-grade" user experience.

Indiana Packers (IPC) is a company with 3,200+ team members, operating entirely in the heart of the Midwest, supplying fresh and processed meats nation-wide and to more than 25 countries. Mark Berry, the company's vice president of HR, said, "When I started here two years ago, one of the first challenges I faced was establishing the performance management processes to align team members across a company that has grown - in headcount - by more than 50% in the past two years. As the company continues to grow, the challenges to align, engage, and retain talent grow as well. We needed to accelerate our talent management processes with better technology - technology that integrated with our business systems and processes." That's why Mr. Berry selected Mighty You.

Mighty You is an "employee goals and feedback" software solution that integrates goals and feedback in One Conversation(TM) through the flow of work. Unlike big-brand performance management systems, Mighty You focuses on objective goal attainment rather than subjective perceptions of worker comportment, character or conformity.

"There should be only one performance conversation going on at work, and we should make that conversation about the work," said Gene Pease, Co-Founder and CEO of Mighty You. "Our solution is built from the ground up based on this simple principle of One Conversation(TM). Other solutions separate goal management from performance feedback, with the unintended consequence of steering feedback towards subjective people issues and away from objective guidance on goal attainment. It should be a manager's role to assess the work, not the worker."

"Initially, we invested in a performance management system," says Mr. Berry. "We thought we could eke out a couple more years with our current system. However, when we had the chance to see Mighty You in action, it was clear that their team was thinking about our team members' experience and the impact of performance management from a very different perspective."

Mr. Berry pointed to the user experience as a leading catalyst for selecting Mighty You. "The user experience is amazing. It defies the traditional performance management system user experience of multiple tabs and screens. Our people won't have to leave Outlook to use Mighty You. The systems I've implemented in the past required people to bounce back and forth between technologies like email, enterprise financial & operating systems, and performance technology. Adding complexity - something as simple as requiring the user to access one more app - can result in much more limited use. By integrating with Outlook 365, Mighty You will make it easier for team members and team leaders to integrate performance management into their daily routine. But Mighty You has an amazing information architecture. It's flexible, functional and elegant all at the same time. The bottom line is that Mighty You packs a tremendous amount of functionality in an elegant interface, mimicking consumer-grade software," says Mr. Berry.

"It's a privilege and an honor to work with Mr. Berry and Indiana Packers Corporation," says Mr. Pease. "But it's also a repudiation of traditional, big-brand performance management systems and validation of our One Conversation(TM) approach to goals and feedback. We look forward to our partnership."

About Indiana Packers Corporation
Indiana Packers Corporation (IPC) is a fully integrated retail, foodservice and private label producer of fresh and processed meats company. Since the start of operations in 1991, IPC has experienced rapid growth from a single pork processing company into a multi-plant diversified producer of fresh and processed meats. With 3,200+ team members and more than $1.5B in annual sales, Indiana Packers Corporation is a growing company with a small company culture. Sourcing from nearby farms, IPC manufactures and distributes a variety of products such as fresh pork, bacon, premium processed hams, and other protein products under their KENTUCKY LEGEND®, INDIANA KITCHEN®, ARTISAN CRAFTED®, and other national & regional retail and private-label brands. These products are sold to a broad customer base in the retail and foodservice sectors, and distributors across the United States and more than 25 countries worldwide.

About Mighty You
Mighty You is an employee goals and feedback management software company, founded by Gene Pease along with a team of world-class data scientists and engineers. Mr. Pease is a pioneer in people analytics and performance, having sold his most recent workforce analytics company, Vestrics, to Ultimate Software in 2016. Mr. Pease is also the author or co-author of three books on Human Capital Management (HCM) topics published by Wiley: Human Capital Analytics, Developing Human Capital and Optimizing Your Greatest Asset - Your People. Unlike legacy, big-brand performance management systems and other goals and feedback solutions, Mighty You integrates goals and feedback in One Conversation(TM) to focus on objective goal attainment rather than subjective perceptions of worker comportment, character or conformity.

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SOURCE Mighty You