ScriptDrop Launches Nationwide, Patient-Focused Prescription Delivery Solution in Response to COVID-19

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ScriptDrop Inc. has announced the expansion of its prescription delivery solution from a purely pharmacy-integrated workflow to a patient-initiated one that will launch on Monday, March 16. Previously, ScriptDrop's solution allowed pharmacies to set up delivery on behalf of patients, but the company is now putting that power in the hands of patients, too.

"Right now, it's of the utmost importance that patients have all the tools they need to stay healthy and safe," said Nick Potts, CEO of ScriptDrop. "Our solution can empower both patients and pharmacies in that regard."

As COVID-19 spreads and Americans are counseled to limit in-person interactions, more patients are being offered telehealth as an alternative to seeing their doctors in person. Telehealth solutions cannot cover the entire patient journey. If a patient is prescribed a medication or needs refills, they often do not have an alternative to picking up the prescription in person at a potentially crowded brick-and-mortar location.

ScriptDrop's solution is the missing piece of the puzzle. Patients across the country can request delivery of a filled prescription by texting "DELIVER" to 727478. Once they have paid their copay, provided the appropriate information and paid the delivery fee - a flat rate - the patient can remain at home and have their prescription dropped off at their door. They do not need to even interact with the delivery driver. It will work for any pharmacy across the U.S., including community and retail locations.

Thanks to ScriptDrop's extensive, nationwide courier network, there is adequate driver redundancy in areas that expect a high volume of deliveries. If needed, ScriptDrop will work with pharmacies to increase support elsewhere in the country.

Both patients and pharmacies can learn more by visiting

"We know that stress levels are already high across the nation," Potts said. "Picking up prescriptions shouldn't be something patients need to worry about, and medication abandonment isn't something healthcare providers should add to their growing list of concerns during this stressful time."

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About ScriptDrop Inc.

ScriptDrop's team of healthcare experts has revolutionized prescription delivery by seamlessly connecting pharmacies to a nationwide network of trained, professional couriers. Established in 2017, ScriptDrop partners with pharmacies, health systems, and couriers to ensure patients get their needed medication as safely and efficiently as possible. With delivery options across all 50 states, ScriptDrop is the first medication delivery program that integrates directly into the pharmacists' workflow in an effort to reduce medication abandonment and improve patient outcomes. ScriptDrop is based in Columbus, Ohio, with a mission to help one billion patients, one prescription at a time.

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