Hand Sanitizer Supply Donated to New Jersey First Responders by Ridgewood Pharmacy

RIDGEWOOD, N.J., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- With COVID-19 affecting communities in the country and worldwide, sanitation has become a priority. The world is reacting to the pandemic, where certain supplies are limited as demand skyrockets. That's why Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy is joining a movement to donate hand sanitizer to first responders as a way of keeping them safe from becoming infected.

Town & Country has donated pharmaceutical-grade, alcohol-based sanitizers to first responders and are making these sanitizers while the pharmacy is closed to the public over the weekends, on their personal time. Even with the pharmacy's busy schedule, they're taking the time to make these sanitizers to help authorities and first responders. These sanitizers comply with the World Health Organization's (WHO) guidelines. Most recently, Town & Country donated sanitizers to The Ridgewood Police Department.

The high demand for medication during this health crisis, is urging pharmacies to keep up during the current health crisis. John Herr, RPh., Town & Country pharmacist and owner states, "our supply chain has been affected and our workload has increased while having staffing shortages. Our commitment to service remains high and we ask for continued understanding from our patients while we try to process prescriptions as fast as we can. Unfortunately, shipping and delivery time may sometimes be delayed due to other services also being affected by the pandemic."

Town & Country hopes the hand sanitizers provided to first responders will help relieve the stress of the current shortage. "We realize the risk that everyone on the front line faces and we wanted to support our local community. We cannot make hand sanitizer fast enough. We also depend on suppliers for ingredients that are running low to supply everyone, but thought the first responders in Ridgewood needed our first batch," expressed Herr. As they are sacrificing exposure through their duties, first responders must take every precaution to protect themselves. Washing hands and utilizing hand sanitizer can help to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Town & Country's priority in these trying times is to help prevent the spread and treat COVID-19, while still serving the pre-existing health needs of our community. As the nation takes on this pandemic day-by-day, Town & Country will also try to make hand sanitizer available for current customers to purchase when they pick up their prescriptions or supplements, depending on availability of time and supplies.

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