American Manufacturer Presents AI Patented Technology for Indoor Farming

HOUSTON, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- American AgroTech leader, Calyx Cultivation, recently patented a revolutionary LED grow light with artificial intelligence. This pioneering technology was invented by James J. Higgins and John C. Higgins to help combat food scarcity. The 'Genius Grow' LED light automatically creates optimal environments for healthy crops, essentially taking the guesswork out of indoor farming.

This first AI patented LED grow light simultaneously controls crop cultivation and maintains a high level of nutritional value by harnessing every aspect of the grow cycle. Genius Grow self-adjusts both the proximity and spectrum of light directed at crops according to the plant species. This product additionally features customized grow light spectra and antifungal capabilities which further ensure plant health.

These horticultural advancements have all occurred on American soil, creating many manufacturing jobs. Calyx has developed a unique proprietary recipe locally and continues to assemble their products here in the US. In fact, five acres of crops are generated within Calyx's 650 square foot research and development facility in Houston, Texas.

It is no secret that traditional farming methods struggle to produce adequate food for increasing populations amidst environmental changes. Genius Grow contributes a piece of the solution to food scarcity by facilitating higher yields using limited space. It can fill the void of this emerging market's needs. Genius Grow enhances indoor farming for novice, industrial, hobbyist and professional growers alike.

James Hinton, owner of the vertical farming company Zero Point Organics, understands the immense value of utilizing Calyx's new LED grow lights. Mr. Hinton issued the following impactful endorsement of Genius Grow: "As a vertical farming company, we are always looking for innovation in our industry to maximize yields. Calyx AI patented LED grow lights which auto adjusts to the crop is pioneering technology for indoor agriculture."

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Calyx Cultivation takes pride in creating technology that has the potential to feed the world. They strive to deliver sensible horticulture lighting solutions and become a global leader in this growing industry projected to reach $40 billion by 2022. Those interested in investing in Calyx can visit


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