Over 700 Hotels and 100,000 Rooms Available Immediately Across the US to Fight the COVID-19 Spread

MORRISTOWN, N.J., March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Trestle Health and Housing, LLC (http://www.trestlehousing.net) and Aimbridge Hospitality (https://www.aimbridgehospitality.com), the largest hotel management company in North America, today announce a partnership to deliver additional room capacity and in-place resources to blunt the anticipated COVID-19 surge over the next few weeks and months. The two companies will provide states with discounted room rates, meal options, leveraging resources and access to key property management staff, helping free up acute care capacity for critical COVID-19 patients. Seven hundred hotels have been vetted across the country, providing access to over 103,000 hotel rooms in urban, as well as suburban and rural locations.

The Trestle and Aimbridge Partnership will provide non-critical occupants with the following in-place resources:

    --  Three meals per day (optional) prepared and delivered to each room
    --  Already negotiated, discounted fair market room rates to avoid price
    --  A technology platform that will provide a centralized, uniform system to
        coordinate activities with health sector for tracking open rooms and
        moving people in and out of rooms as necessary
    --  Turnkey, large facility options to stadiums, parking garages, convention
        centers, etc.

The National Governor's Association has lent its support in communicating the program across the country as a means of providing much-needed relief to an over-taxed healthcare system.

"Aimbridge Hospitality, the world's largest third party manager, is working very closely with Trestle," said Alice Walsh, VP of Sales and Marketing for Aimbridge. "We have leveraged our collective expertise, services and capabilities to deliver a portfolio of properties nationally, providing an innovative, turnkey solution that can be immediately deployed to serve our citizens in need."

"We need to anticipate the inevitable demand for room capacity," said Bill Mulcahy, Managing Member Trestle Health and Housing. "A collaboration with Aimbridge delivers key resources our health system, healthcare workers on the front lines, and citizens impacted need now to blunt this pandemic and help get our nation back on track."

States interested in a hotel and rooms can contact Alice Walsh of Aimbridge at Covid@trestlehousing.net or by phone at 703-585-4786.

About Aimbridge Hospitality
Aimbridge Hospitality is the leading, global, third-party hotel management company operating branded (Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Best Western, etc.) full service, select service, luxury hotels, destination resorts, convention centers and lifestyle hotels. Aimbridge merged with Interstate Hotels & Resorts in 2019, and now represents a premium portfolio of more than 1,400 branded and independent properties in 49 states and 20 countries. For more, visit https://www.aimbridgehospitality.com/.

About Trestle Health and Housing
Studies show that a person's zip code is a better predictor of health than their genetic code. This is especially true in underserved communities who experience profound health disparities. The result is an increase in Population Health Management (PHM) demand, poor health outcomes, and unsustainable publicly funded Medicaid and Medicare program costs.

Population health challenges in underserved communities are opportunities for more holistic communal models of care that accelerate social innovation in this historically neglected market. Trestle partners with health, housing, and community stakeholders to deliver integrated multi-sector solutions that reduce unnecessary health system demand while improving outcomes and resident well-being. For more, visit https://www.trestlehousing.net/.

SOURCE Trestle Health and Housing